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Equity analysis for New York Times Co/The (NYT:New York) including stock price, stock chart, company news, key figures, fundamentals and company profile. Thinking of settling in New York? One of the most popular US states in which a new company is being founded. New York Distilling Company establishes one of the leading distilleries in the country. The New York Bicycle Co is your local downtown Schenectady Bike & Ski / Snowboard Shop.

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Situated in the hinterland, this oceans protrude from the farmlands and crumble from the cliffs behind the petrol-station. During Devon time it was full of water Lilies, scorpionfishes and armored beasts. Governments are beginning to think that raffle crates - something like raffle ticket in the hand that were bought with cash - look too much like games of chance for them.

The general saying goes that a dug deeply in a must-win scenario and come up with something special. See: the Blackberry Picker, Storibot and the ChemotheraPop.

Two' s Company

But then the ideal pair, Pam and Paul, who first studied in colleges, wrote operatettas and co-founded a satirical show, amazed their mates by getting married in Reno six month before graduating and eventually settled in California at the tender ages of 43 as a comedy-writing combo.

Twenty-seven when NBC collected their driver for a show about suburb teens with yesterday's fun hairstyles and yesterday's fun hassles. For the next five season every Wednesday evening, million of smiling Americans saw the cardiac symbol sparkle to the tone of a small carillon in the final balance of the show ("a punela hamburger wwww. comedy ? pain muster creation").

At the Career Day Pam of their young writer career magazine Bartlett, which resembles a freckled Bartlett bulb, Paul gave a jelly-rooted comic book scale - two encouraging words to up-and-coming young people. "Working harder, don't make compromises, never be satisfied with the simple business," Pam said. "Otherwise," Paul said, "you should at least make sure the simple trade is eight-digit.

" Lucky pair, whose three Emmies confirmed the correct ness of their literature relation, withdrew from the show in 1998, selling their Santa Monica chalet and buying a 30-acre plot in the hills, because when they joked in common with their old home newspapers in North Carolina and Massachusetts, Paul had become unable to remember whether the "O" in "Michael Ovitz" was long or brief and therefore could no longer appear in the open air.

Paul, who in the photo that came with the portrait, frowned unfortunatly, said he agrees - mostly. He was worried that a too-practical pair might seem a little more cheesy than ha-ha comical. Wondering what to think of the fact that the merriest conjugal pair he could think of right away were Nick and Nora Charles, desperate drunk.

She didn't see why Paul was so pissed off. Paul's own room included a filing cupboard with four drawers and a collapsible stool. Paul, for whom the first designs were rather a torture, had atypically been looking forward to write the sequence in which the two children are lying in their mid-age pyjamas in their beds complaining of the shrinkage of their sexual impulse; but now he did not see the humour in it.

Instead, he felt forced to confine himself to the guest house with a gunshot in the face by 20-year-old Tracy Gill, whom he hoped to fill the pilot's leading lady, and when he appeared almost an hour later from the guest house, he immediately went to his old BMW-owned, dirty and extravagant BMW car and into town.

Paul's dad was Ordained as the Priest of Presbyteria, but abandoned the church to work in Raytheon and dedicate his free hours to sport gambling and solitaire drink, while Paul's mom found Jesus, went to Colorado and founded a second happy home with an Air Force lieutenant who Paul dreamt of as a teenager, murdered with an axe.

Pam Paul was a lean lone wolf who despised women almost as much as he did booze and sport when he found out about Paul in the second weeks of his studies. "He giggled and showed Paul his home office.) His dad gave him a tutorial in recognition of wines, his mom told him to say the Latin slogan of the whole household - "One day we'll look back and it'll all seem funny" - and every evening in Pam's room, which his parent Paul had banned after 10pm ("It'll be hell if you put a single pin!

Before Paul, Pam herself had only been nude with a Macedonian foreign language foreigner whose dense emphasis and determined striving for love later became the foundation for the entertaining nature of Pierre in her and Paul's successful run, but she was such a beloved kid that she was neither taken by surprise nor fear when the odd, intensive Yankee she had chosen for herself became obsessed with her; she accepted it as her duty.

This was perhaps Paul when he was driving his car down the 101, both the great and consoling thing about Pam and the cause of his problem: her absence of doubts. Now, because she wasn't run for doubts, Pam seemed to think it didn't matter that she had won fifteen quid since agitating on the hills and that she was hammering around the home with the greasy acquiver in her freckles top poor; she certainly didn't seem to mind that they hadn't had gender since before workday; and she had been pointy-pointed to certain pressing personal-care and posture references that Paul let down during her photoshootings for L.A. Weekly.

In fact, the character he now envisioned was murdered with an axe, the picture journalist of this newspaper who, Paul was sure, had intentionally chosen a photograph in which Pam would look like Jackie Gleason to penalise her for being complacent and mock Paul for his sincere confession, in a heel not three centimetres away from Pam's blotchy face that he owe her all the good in his being.

So he came to the small Mathburger Productions studio and just took what he had been driving for - an old, affectionately kept file of his high schoolscripts and a Tracy Gill careers compilation tape that his wizard had put together and that Paul hoped to contain some footage that Gill had now repented to have made.

This site was about a slightly erotic but enchanting pair, Sam and Paula, arriving in Maui for a week's holiday. "Paul said when Pam showed him Act I after a months of work, Paul withdrew into his own research to watch the unfortunately quite PG-rated Tracy Gill movie for the 4th or 5th consecutive review of his high schools script and visualize it as the foundation for a "Monty Python" to " Fractured Fairy Tales" kind of cabaret and comedies.

This was the unexpectedly lasting splendour of these screenplays that gave him the guts to take his telephone after painfully hesitating to call Gill's agents to schedule a personal preliminary talk with the prospective celebrity of his and Pam's potentially new hitseries. Paul's only serious grievance to the charming Gill was that she had her mom with her.

With a scream Tracy Gill claimed that she had just finished reading "The Bell Jar". "She asked Paul what he thought was amusing about a young mom sticking her skull in an old fire. Returning to the hills, after a high-speed ride that Paul used to imagine an axe in Mrs. Gill's brow, he found his obese woman by the water.

But Paul couldn't do it. "It was Tracy Gill's mother," Pam said.

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