New York Weather this Weekend

Weather in New York this weekend

Prediction for the coming week for New York, presented in an hourly graph. Tricky weather, your weekend selection and an Oscar preview. Workweek, Kick Off Weekend: Two Winter Weather Surges End

A second of two stormy front lines is expected to deliver cold rains and even some spread ice to the area, says Team 4. During the first week, the first waves, a hot front that started to move early Friday, caused smaller downpours in the town and the areas to the southwest and north.

A few bright fluffs dropped into located points across the city' northern and western sides as the front was moving away, but most of the collection -- in the red hook of Dutchess County -- was less than an inches, says Storm Team 4. Weather slowed down on Friday afternoons, as the temperature rose in the mid-50s and it felt more like April.

However, by Friday evening, Storm Team 4 says, a front will be bringing another round of rainfall to the area. Chills are sweeping into the area after midnight, moreover, and the cool wind that moves in behind the front can cause rains to turn to snows early Saturday, especially in New Jersey downtown and south.

Not more than one coat is anticipated before the shower moves out on Saturday a. m. Throughout the entire course of the year, the tri-state will be confronted with overcast, airy and harsh weather with peaks reaching at best into the 1940s. Team 4 says another glitch can cause a few splashes or damp snow flakes in the seaside townships, but the remainder of the area should remain sheltered.

The temperature will increase gradually during the coming working weekend before it reaches the mid-60s next weekend, says Storm Team 4. Early this time period, the Tri-State saw a blizzard that tired 7 large indefinite quantity of person substance on environment of the location, the result April blizzard the topic has seen in 36 gathering.

Easter, which was on the tail of four March, burying the tri-state in the snows while depriving tens of millions of people a year.

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