New York Weather October

Weather in New York, October

SUMMARY OF THE October weather in New York City, with tips for packing clothes and suggestions for activities. Weather is rather pleasant for exploratory tours - warm days and cool nights are ideal for walks in the city. What's the weather like in New York in October?

The article is a synopsis of the October weather in New York City, with hints for packing clothes and activities. New York City in October is a colourful period, with alternating foliage and Halloween festivals and squashes all over the city. In October the autumn colours, especially in Central Park, will reach their climax from mid-October to early November.

Or you can view our other weather forecasts every months. TIP: Be sure to review our contribution to the comparison of New York City's discounted travel pass and various New York City coach-operators. Day temperature ranges from about 55f (13C) in the early mornings to close to 80f (21C) in the early afternoons of the months, with late in the months the temperature dropping to 46f (8C) to close to 59f (16C).

In October the hottest part of the year is over and it is very seldom to see the temperature reach or drop below 90 degrees (32C) this time. There are an averages of 19 rainy or partially sunshine with some clouds and rains on about 9 day.

Raining with 0.5 inch (13 mm) rains or more occurs on 2-3 dates in this months. When you arrive in October, the number of items to be packed may differ. We recommend that our clients wear suitable clothes for October. The best thing is to wear enclosed footwear - the summer's sandals are over.

There' s no harm in having watertight footwear or jackets if it rains. They could also go to the connections in the Woodbury Commons and get a load of the discount designers event attire. These are just a few of the great things you can do in NYC in October.

For full particulars of these happenings and more things to do in October, see our October article "Things to Do" and our NYC Things to Do Master's article. Halloween Parade 31 October The craziest and largest Halloween parade in the world!

From the sideline you can look or walk in the procession as long as you are wearing a outfit. The Columbus Day Paradise 9 October A festival of Italian-American heritages. There are over 130 groups, among them groups of musicians, chariots and Italians, proud to walk the Midtown Manhattan itinerary.

New York Open House (OHNY) October 14-15 - An annually popular meeting for local residents and visitors, the OHNY week-end offers the general population FREE admission to over 275 architectural and cultural landmarks in the town. Celebrated as a family-friendly celebration, this celebration brings together the New York community of Italy and China.

There' s a colourful procession, huge dolls, gigs and much more. If you' re looking for year-round activity, check out our New York City based Things to do with over 200 ideas on how to get the most out of your stay in NYC!

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