New York Weather in April

Weather in April in New York

What's the weather like in New York in April? Because of its location on the east coast of the United States, New York has a continental climate. The Weather Forecast for the Month of April. Many New Yorkers here have more experience with the current weather in April, but from a visitor's perspective:

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Weather in New York, New York, USA Average April weather

What is the weather like in New York in April? In April, when the early part of the year is just beginning, the weather in New York, USA is getting hotter and hotter. In the course of this months, the city's mean monthly temperatures start at 7.5°C, which is caused by maximum temperatures of 12°C during the morning and minimum temperatures of 3°C at night, and rise to 12°C at the beginning of the months.

5° Celsius, consisting of maximum temperatures of 17°C during the morning and minimums of 8°C at midnight until the end of the months, which makes the last weekend in April the best season when you want to come to New York when the weather is warmer. In comparison to May, which has an mean temp. of approx. 12.5°C.

With New York in April the temperature is quite cold, this is the best time of the year for travelers who spend most of their holidays at home, shop and enjoy other sights in the town. When you choose to come to the town during the course of this months, you should take a mix of thick winters - such as jackets, caps, gloves and scarfs - and a little light winters - such as sweaters and denim - when the morning is dawn.

Yet, if you want to be able to visit New York when the town is at its hottest, you may want to unlearn about April and schedule your holiday for July, which is usually the hottest month of the year for the town. New York has an annual precipitation of 96 mm on a monthly basis between 15 rain and one snowfall - a small drop from March.

As rainfall occurs on more than 50% of the months, it is almost certain that you will encounter damp weather during your April vacation, so be cautious. There is a relatively stable chance of rainfall in the town at this season, from 49% at the beginning of the months to 47% at the end of the mont.

Snowfall probability starts at 11% on 1 April and decreases to 2% by 30 April, making the first weekend of April the best season to savour the snows. Usually you should see in New York in April mild rains (44% of the day with precipitation), mild rains (27%), slight snows (8%) and mild rains (8%).

In April, New York has an annual mean of eight sunny days - one more than in the preceding months - and a mean clouding level of between 80% at the beginning of the months and 82% at the end of themonths. In a typical days clear skies 32% of the year, partially 11% and mostly cloudy/overcast 52%.

In April, the average New York climate varies between 44% (pleasant) and 87% (very humid), seldom below 22% (dry) or up to 100% (very humid). It is often dryest around April 15 when RH falls below 56% (slightly humid) for three out of four nights, while it is usually wettest around April 30 when it exceeds 79% (humid) for three out of four nights.

The year-round New York stays quite windy. During April the windspeeds typically vary between 0 m/s (calm) and 7 m/s (moderate breeze), seldom above 11 m/s (fresh breeze). Top mean windspeed of 4 m/s (light breeze) occurs around April 1 when the mean day peak is 7 m/s, while the minimum mean windspeed of 4 m/s is around April 30 when the mean day peak is 7 m/s. The highest mean windspeed of 4 m/s (light breeze) occurs around April 1 when the mean day peak is 7 m/s.

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