New York Weather Easter

Weather in New York Easter

The month of April is one of the wettest months, but you will still have a lot of warm and sunny weather. There are four different seasons in New York and spring starts in April. Weather in Central New York's Easter Weekend a little wild.

Easter Eve Dawn Snows in Upstate NY? That' not an April Fool's jest.

New York State Fair 2018 is here. Weather on Saturday will largely co-operate with a small likelihood of a short showers. It' going to take a few nights, but the hot weather will finally make it to Central New York for a short time. In the meantime, the sky is a mixture of cloud and light with a small possibility of a short rain show.

Most of the rainfall now falling near Central New York will be difficult to reach due to the low level of air moisture. If one of the few downpours that sends down rains to the sky over the New York State Fairgrounds, the rains should be quite short and usually easy.

Under no circumstances is Saturday or Sunday, when the odds of rains are a little higher, a slip. It can be a slightly better opportunity for one of these rainstorms in the mornings and evenings. The temperature starts in the middle of the 60''s in the early mornings, but rises into the deep 70''s until the early mornings.

Afternoons should be around 80° C. Southerly winds will be a little light, with winds around 25 meters per hour, especially in the early spring and early spring. Maximum temperatures close to 80°C. Sunday, August 26: A few sprinkled shower rooms. Maximum temperatures of 81° C. Monday, 27 August: Light Clouds.

Maximum temperatures at 86° C. Maximum temperatures of 92° C. Wednesday, August 29: Rain and thunderstorm likely. Thursday, 30 August: Light lycee. Saturday, September 1: Light lycee. Sunday, September 2nd: Spread storms. It' s almost 80º.

New York's Central Easter Weekend weather a little rough

In front of this front, the weather on Saturday will be very hot with the sun shining and southerly wind. It starts in the top 20's but rises in a rush through the early 20s. And even if the cloud increases in the afternoons, it will still get warmer in the low and mid-1950s.

In the second half of Saturday night the rains in front of the front will intensify. It was supposed to end as some kind of snows, and some of the higher altitudes of Central New York could awaken to a slight whiteness on Easter mornings. Some gusts of wind stay until Sunday mornings, but slowly the day should find its way back outside.

However, this won't be very comforting, since the temperature can hardly be reached until the middle of the 1930s. We will continue to see stronger breezes, with heavy squalls above 30mt on Sunday. Together with the cool temperature, the breeze will make you think it feels more like the 1920s. We should lose breeze and turn southward.

That should keep the temperature bearable over night, even if the sky is usually clear. It is possible to get lost in the mornings. Winch:

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