New York Weather early may

Weather in May

It is cold and windy in New York City in January, that's the best way to describe it. The best time for good weather: From May to October to July and August can be hot and humid. Warm weather makes New Yorkers trade their winter coats for shorts.

Guidebook for a visit to New York City in May

Because of the great weather, the special happenings and the shortage of visitors, May is a great season to come and see the never sleep. New York is busy this past few months, but luckily you'll probably miss the streams of visitors that enter the city's most beloved sights in the summer.

However, keep in minds that Manhattan is only a small little town in the early part of the year, so don't think you have the town all to yourself, no matter when. Warmer weather attracts inhabitants and tourists to the parks of Highline and Bryant Park to take part in a New Yorker's favourite pastime: people-watching.

They have not only one but two big division sides to chose from: the legendary New York Yankees, who call Yankee Stadium (in the Bronx) home, or the Mets (short for Metropolitans) the game in Citi Field (in Queens). The Brooklyn Cyclones, who are playing on Coney Island, and the Staten Island Yankees, who can be contacted by a free cruise, are two favourites.

It is also the beginning of the undeclared start of this long vacation week-end, and many tourist sites (such as Coney Island) are open during the season. Sailers often provide free cruises on their vessels that dock either in Manhattan or Staten Island. At the Tribeca Film Festival you can compete with film celebrities.

The stroll takes place in Central Park and is aimed at raising money for people with HIV and AIDS in New York City. Ninth Avenue International Food Festival closes a bustling New Yorker Strasse for two open nights (May 19 and 20) to party with food from around the world.

Await lots of tea and Mexico restaurant, which will also fill up in the early mornings. At the Tribeca Filmfestival you can compete with celebrities. A lot of folks believe that this event is personal, but there is a large number of films that are open to the general audience and that they are inexpensive.

As a rule, the festivities take place from the end of April to the beginning of May, but for 2018 the festivities will end a little earlier on 29 April.

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