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December January New York Weather

The city is a great place to spend the holidays and New Year's Eve. Besides January and February, December is one of the coldest months of the year for New York, USA. There are temparate in New York in general, even in December, but may indeed be cold.

Weather in New York, New York, USA Average December weather

What is the weather like in New York in December? Next to January and February, December is one of the coolest seasons of the year for New York, USA. By the end of this honeymoon, the town' s mean temperatures start at 5°C, caused by maximum temperatures of 9°C during the day and minimum temperatures of 1°C after nightfall, and drop to 1.5°C by the end of the period, caused by maximum temperatures of 5°C during the day and minimum temperatures of -2°C after nightfall.

That makes the first weekend of December the best season to come to New York if you want to see the town at the highest possible temp. In comparison to January, which has an mean of about 1.5°C. Although this only happens on an annual basis on an annual basis of only 10% of the day, New York is known to have December weather conditions above 15°C and below -9°C.

There is a record of the highest temperatures in the town in December, 24°C, while the lowest ever reported this months is -13°C. Because the weather in New York is very chilly in December, this is the best months for travelers who want to spend most of their stay in the house or for vacationers who don't object to blowing themselves to the wind and going outside.

When you are planning to spend December in New York, you should wrap plenty of wintry clothes such as denim, sweaters, cloaks, caps, scarfs and mittens to keep you hot enough during your holidays. But on the other side, if you don't like the coldness, don't go to the Big Apple in December and instead schedule your journey for July, which is usually the warmest months of the year for the town.

In December, an annual mean of 87 mm of rain falls in New York, distributed between 11 rain and 5 snow-day periods - a slight rise over November. As rainfalls occur on more than 1/3 of the day of the week, it is almost certain that you will get some rain during your holidays, so be ready and take an Umbrella with you.

There is an increased likelihood of rainfalls during your December holidays, beginning with 42% on December 1 and increasing to 46% by December 31. Usually you can find mild rains (32% of the day with precipitation), 24% of the day, 21% of the day with mild rains and 9% of the day with mild snows during your New York vacation in December.

There is an increased probability of snowfalls as the months progress, from 10% on December 1 to 22% by December 31. That makes the last weekend of December the best season to come to New York if you want to have snow. New York has five consecutive sunny periods per diurnal period during an unprecedented December - one less per diem than the preceding one - along with a mean clouding of 76% (partly cloudy) at the beginning of the months, which rises to 78% (partly cloudy) by December 9, and falls to 77% (partly cloudy) by December 31.

The skies are clear 31% of the year, 12% mostly clear, 12% partially cloud and 49% mostly cloud /overcast on an intermediate date. For New York in December, the atmospheric moisture levels range from 49% (pleasant) to 82% (humid), seldom below 32% (pleasant) or up to 100% (very humid). It tends to be dryest around December 12 when RH drops below 57% (slightly humid) for three out of four nights, while around December 1 the humidest is when it exceeds 70% (humid) for three out of four nights.

December is a rather stormy months for New York this year. In this season the windspeeds typically vary between 0 m/s (calm) and 7 m/s (moderate breeze), seldom above 11 m/s (strong breeze). Top mean windspeed of 4 m/s (light breeze) occurs around 31 December when the mean day peak is 7 m/s, while the bottom mean windspeed of 4 m/s is around 2 December when the mean day peak is 7 m/s. The highest mean windspeed of 4 m/s (light breeze) occurs around 31 December when the mean day peak is 7 m/s.

The Best Westerns Plus President Hotel on Times Square is centrally placed in the centre of New York and is ideal for travelers who want to discover the city's sights. The Morgans New York Hotel is on Madison Avenue, just a few minutes walk from Macy's Herald Square, Grand Central Station and Morgan Library Museum, as well as a variety of cafes, pubs, restaurants, cafes and fashion-stores.

This is a free mainland breakfasts area, serving every day fruits, home-made cereals, New Yorkers' pies, biscuits and yoghurt, a 24-hour gym, a common room with TV and free news. Stylishly decorated, the 32-story building is in the urban New York style. There are no other amenities or amenities within the resort due to the low fares, but there are large underground and coach routes nearby to take you to the abundance of pubs, dining, nightclubs, theaters, art houses, art collections, shopping and sights New York has to boast.

Complement your urge to drink curries by immersing yourself in Spices Symphony during your New York vacation. Dead Rabbit is a multi-storey bar-restaurant that links Old New York with an Irish-American heritage. McSorley's Old Ale House is known as the oldest New York taverna in Ireland and was the last of the male-only bars that only men were admitted to after being compelled by law in the 1970s.

When the weather is cool and humid, take refuge in the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Chrysler is one of the most famous New York Chrysler builds and extends over 77 floors. Most of the visitors come to the museum to see the Edward Trumbull painting on the roof, which was the biggest in the whole wide open after its completion, showing pictures of Chrysler aircraft, Chrysler cars and the Chrysler production line.

The Chrysler Building is a great building that you can see from the outside, especially when the light is reflected by it. The New York area is a stand-alone stronghold when it comes to retail, and in December the crowds come to the town to make the most of the value for money range of luxuries and bargain deals on sale in the run-up to Christmas.

The New York retail community includes world-renowned boutiques such as Bloomingdale's, Barney's and Macy's, and there are innumerable handicraft shops specializing in jewelry, beauty, quality fashions and antiquities. TripAdvisor rates these TripAdvisor top of the line retail experiences in New York, and these trips are run by a style professional, allowing you to connect with the designer and enter their studio and showroom - places that are normally not open to regular people.

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