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I and my mate plan to leave at the end of November this year. I had the original plan to just stay in New York City, but now I'm trying to travel through the state of New York and maybe to other states. On November 22, 2018 we wanted to be in JFK and maybe stay 3-4 nights in New York City.... After that we have no further plan.....

We' re going away for maybe 7-10 nights. Aren't we realistic to rent a vehicle and go to Connecticut/Rhode Island? We' re not sure how poor the forecast will be, as it will be the start of summer. Backcountry meteorology could be very different from New York City - there could be snow and ice even though it is still fall from a technical point of view.

It will be brief until 5 pm. I' d be heading southward from NYC this season. Natural beauty, historical sites, arts and crafts museum, other????????????? The Hudson Valley has many historical buildings and enchanting cities, but unfortunately many of them are not open at all at this season or are only open on certain dates and on certain hour.

When you just want to review states from a shortlist or see some cultural life, there is a lot to do in the north-east. However, if your aim is to see the countryside or the countryside in New York's hinterland, you may have just chosen the poorest one. The north-east of November is an extreme dreary time.

The Upstate NY - especially the Catskills and Adirondacks - are stunning from mid-April to mid-October, but every other day it's quite gloomy. When you are one of those who really enjoy the snows, November is a complete success or failure. Most of the times, all you get is cool wind and bald bushes and everything that's grey.

but if you come to the countryside to savor, you'll be frustrated in November. It is recommended at the end of April or beginning of May when everything is in bloom, or mid-October when you have never seen a north-east fall, because there really is nothing comparable. l understand it can be chilly to go astraddle.

The weather can still be freezing, but probably not so severe and some of the activity is inside.

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