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NYC Information Center-City Hall official southern tip of City Hall Park on the Broadway sidewalk in the Park Row. A city that never sleeps, like Frank Sinatra sang. Any traveller should visit this great city at least once! The New York Travel Guide for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android offers travel tips, top attractions, restaurants, hotels and more with reviews and reviews. Guidebooks with current tourist and general information about New York City and its top attractions, best neighborhoods and much more.

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Brooklyn is so full you can hardly move. Instead, cross the Pulaski River over the Pulaski River that links the top of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with Long Island City, Queens. While not glamorous, the deck features the best sundowns in the city' s sprawling empire state and Chrysler structures right above the sands.

There are many large, smaller museum venues in the town, such as the studio in Harlem, the Lower East Side's Tenement and the new Whitney in Chelsea. I like the Neues Museum (235 Bowery), which is always full of very interesting modern artwork, not just paint. Among the pieces I used to love in the past are one in 2014 by Israeli painter Ragnar Kjartansson, where a decade of young men were drinking beer and guitar to a scores written by a former member of Iceland' rocking group Sigur Rós, and another in mid-2016 by the UK painter Cally Spooner, who was choreographing dancer tackling, fighting and snuggling in a blank room while playing Drake's music.

The dreamlike, light-flooded pixel forest of videographer Pipilotti Rist can be seen until mid-January. As is well known, Times Square is the most hostile part of the town - soullessness, high prices and full of people. and someone was bringing praline baby chocolates from Oneg, a Brooklyn Jew shop.

Folks often suggest that tourist go to a New York Yankees match, but it lasted over two years before I lived here because I thought lethal ball - like most sports were - was lethal. The short escape from the town makes it easy to deal with masses of visitors and cement, and the New Windsor Station is the ideal blend of arts and the outdoors.

More than 100 statues are lying between meadows, forests and mountains in the 500 hectare large garden; my favorite is the huge three-legged Buddha of the traditional Chinese painter Zhang Huan. Probably the most beautiful piece of the capital comes from an unembellished store front in Midwood, Brooklyn, about 40 minutes by metro from Midtown. I like Broadway, an almost $17 whiskey beverage, not the most popular, but the Brooklyn Museum is the third biggest in Brooklyn (only the Met and the Natural History Museum are bigger).

The portraitist Kehinde Wiley's 2015 New Republic was the best exhibition I have ever seen (the exhibition of Basquiat laptops nextdoor is a bit boring), and China's Ai Weiwei and US-based Kara Walker both had recent exhibitions. At the moment you can see a compilation of 53 paintings by 22 nude Iggy Pop performers from a lifeline group of the skirt celebrity under the direction of Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller.

New York has great nightly pianos on the Lower East Side, Baby's All Right and Rough Trade in Williamsburg, C'mon Everybody in Bed-Stuy and Silvana and The Shrine in Harlem. Spaces begin at $32 per four person per hours and there are ten thousand tracks available in a wide range of different tongues - you can sing along with Alicia Keys and lift a finger in the sky for the big town while you sip a winery beers.

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