New York Tourist Attractions Map

tourist-attractions New York map

We need New York to see the top ten tourist attractions on our maps. Manhattan, New York City. An official visitor guide for a quick overview of local hotels, restaurants and attractions. A printable tourist map with the most important sights of New York, Manhattan. SELF GUIDED TOUR AND MAP OF ATTRACTIONS IN LOWER MANHATTAN.

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NYC Tourist Map - Travel Map for New York City on the App Store

New York City, welcome to New York City! 3-D - zooming in until you see the outlines of a building. But I didn't go enough to get to know the area and still wanted to see the most important tourist attractions. Have something or someone to show you around makes the difference between a good holiday and an amazing holiday.

I' m definitely gonna use it the next trip to town. With all the major attractions, it summarises the story behind them and offers you an organised map of where each one is located. That kind of information is priceless if you are in a vast, daunting town like New York!

The NYC Tourist application contains an astonishing map that is so simple to use! You' ll get the standard tourist hot spots, but zoome in and find picturesque caf├ęs, eateries and shops to go to. When you want to get away from it all and really get to know the town, this application will help you find the little-known gemstones everywhere!

There were so many amusement park in town, I had no clue!? The unique feature of this application is that you can zoome in, touch the name of a house, theatre, garden, etc. and an information knob appears, which gives the users all possible facts about this place!

You can also actually zooming in and out of 3-D building rendering to show you what's around you, which will help you find your way around.

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