New York Tourism facts

The New York Tourism facts

More astonishing are the facts and figures about the city that never sleeps. Number of tourists visit New York each year? New York City tourism. There is no more "New York City Landmark". Tips for New York tourists.

New York facts & figures

And New York is a captivating town. More astonishing are the facts and numbers about the town that never falls asleep. This is a short summary of the most important facts and data about New York Town. How many people live in New York? The capital of New York is home to more than 8 million people.

This makes it the most populous town in the United States. is New York to which state? NY. By the way, the New York metropolis is not New York but Albany. In New York, how many different langauges are there? The most cities in the whole wide globe.

Nicknamed New York? So how many neighborhoods does New York have? So how many high-rises are there in New York? There are more than 6,000 in New York - the most in the world. New York Timing difference: 6hrs to Germany. In Germany, for example, if it is 2:00 pm, in New York it is 8:00 am.

Tourism in New York reaches 2017 records

In 2017, New York's tourist trail continued to be hot: The New York Times estimates that 61.8 million people will visit the town this year. This is an increment of just over two per cent over the 60.5 million tourist in 2016, which was another recorded figure; in fact, NYC & Company said to The Times that the town has set its own over the last eight years.

For the first year more than 60 million people visited New York. However, the firm expects a decline in the number of foreign visits, although this is not as severe as originally expected following President Donald Trump's suspension of travelling (which, according to Vox, will soon come into force and limit travelling to and from six Muslim majorities).

This year, the town will see only 100,000 fewer international tourists per NYC & Company, less than the 300,000 it expected this year. While the" US Dollars strength" was probably a major contributor to this collapse, Fred Dixon, the director of NYC & Company, noted that" this isolationist, this" America First" rhetoric" could continue to be a contributor until the end of the year and beyond.

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