New York Toddler Activities

NY toddler activities

I' m always looking for fun activities that appeal to the youngest children in town. We' re never going to New York City without at least one visit to Central Park Zoo. The NYC Guide: Children's 8 favourite activities There are high stools and a windows full of games and games and books. Civic Park (Upper West Side). But if you're hiking, you don't need to plan: just wander around and you'll come across road musician, grass, play areas and ices.

Not only in the sunshine in the afternoon; in autumn the alternating foliage is beautiful, in winters you can skate and toboggan with the children, and in early springs the flowers of cherries and magnolias blossom in full-flower.

Upper West Side Natural History Center. For the youngest, this vast fossil collection features wildlife exhibitions, a dinosaur collection and a family-friendly discovery room where you can use torches and search for a fossil. It' s darkness and peace and magic - and when your children are six years or older, they can stay here!

Dinner across the road to the beloved shape shake for tasty burger and milk shakes. Tribeca 25 playground. The New York Magazine contained a shortlist of the 19 best play areas in town, but our favourite is by far the 25. Mayor. Overlooking the Hudson River, the jetty has a huge sandpit, swing, climbing structure and tonnes of Sprinklebar.

There is also miniature gulf, volley ball fields and a football area. When you get peckish, go a few steps to the Whole Foods a few steps down southwards, where you can eat your supper in the lounge, which has children's games and a playgroun. Children's Museum of Art (West Village).

There are two large rooms in this light and breezy little house where children can sketch, colour, play with home-made dough and put together their own handicrafts. So, the funniest part of the school? On Thursdays from 16-18 pm the entrance to the exhibition is on request. There are also free musical seasons on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30, 13:30 and 15:30 in the Haupt-Kunstraum.

There are two boys playing the guitar and all the children are drumming on bongo! A breath-taking way to enjoy an afternoons is to stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge to the shore gardens below. Manhattan's view of the city' s ski landscape is spectacular, with fabulous playing fields, a historical merry-go-round and an icecream parlour.

If you want more adventure, go to Pier 6 (about 15 minutes on foot along the water), which has the COOLEST play areas with Swing Valley, Slide Mountain and the Wasser Lab (picture above). Tip: On Saturdays and Sundays the school offers free children's lessons at 1:30 pm, such as building your own bridges and telling shadows.

Do you have any favourite activities or playground for children in New York City?

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