New York things to do on Christmas Day

Christmas Day Activities in New York

At NYC's culinary paradise, you can be sure that delicious hot chocolate is no exception. If you are looking for a sugar frenzy to heat up your shopping spree on holiday, or if you want to warm up after a whirl on the ice rink, don't miss these Great Spots for Hot Chocolate in NYC. New York City Christmas & Holidays. TO DO THINGS DURING THE NYC HOLIDAY TIME. The cruises SELL FAST, so get going:

New York Christmas travel book with festivities and shows

This is the best part of the year, and by "it" we mean Christmas in New York! Only a few desperate days after all the Halloween festivities, the best New York venues are wrapped in floodlit winters decorated with Christmas blossoms, Christmas ornaments and Christmas candles.

The most touristy New Yorkers must confess that it is a rather spectacle. We also have the best Christmas films to see with the whole house and many festivities to do, included (but not restricted to) the Radio City Christmas spectacular. Visit the Rockefeller Christmas tree in NYC this year.

Don't be home on December 25th - New York City has a lot to offer on this Christmas day, from dinner to the theatre.

The best of what's open in New York on Christmas Day.

Your vacation ghost (or your relatives) can try to lock you up on Christmas day, but whether you're ready to leave the home or just can't take less of a Christmas vacation, make sure you use the town on December 25th. Maybe the calmest and least overcrowded day of the year in town, which never stops, visit a Christmas open cocktail lounge, an indoor and outdoor figure-skating rink or one of the many Christmas day caterers.

Thought you crossed everyone off your roster.... until you discovered that your little bro was going to bring his girlfriend's friend's friend to the Christmas celebration this year. The Bryant Park vacation store remains open on the twenty-fifth so you can make a last-minute stop at one of the 128 lazy restaurants and pop-up shops selling everything from groceries and decorations to accessoires and artwork.

This kosher place is a favorite meeting place for Jewish New Yorkers who don't enjoy the New Year. Shop victuals of cucumbers, faux-shrimp knödel and roasted tarot for a treat like no other. Dinner, drinks and a film?

It' s a wonderfull Life and Christmas Vacation on Christmas Break as part of Nitehawk's Christmas film family. Located in a former opera building, this modern Christmas-style Chinese eatery will continue the New York traditions of traditional New York cooking and serve its traditional meal throughout the day.

To celebrate an exalted Christmas, visit this Williamsburg stapler, where chef Christina Lecki has prepared a meal of foie gras stew on squash crustini, mussel soup with celeriac heart and eggcracker, fried fillet of veal with horse radish peppermint crème and spice, orange filet with baked lemon fruits and juice and more.

Enter this post-Ham film custom and let yourself be cultivated at a Christmas screen. As well as the normal meal, this new Dale Talde commercial at Arlo NoMad offers a roast goose with mosshoo pancake, stewed rolls, gherkins and a $40 hot dog salad, available from 1pm to 8pm on Christmas day.

This vacation pop-up with a lot of Christmas day festivities, which has been designed with Willy Wonka in mind, features lollipop, bar stools with mushrooms and sugar canes. Are you looking for other open on Christmas Day?

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