New York state Tax Telephone number

The New York State Tax Telephone Number

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. and you can provide a fake I.R.S. badge number.

To check the status of your state tax refund, try the refund tracker page of your state instead.

Please ask a query

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance will welcome your tax issue. Because of the high amount of emails, it may take up to 3 workingdays until the answer to your emails is received. Notice: You can only use the "Ask Question" page for general queries. As this is not a safe way to send emails, you should not provide tax information such as national insurance numbers, liabilities, payments, etc.

We commit ourselves to protect the private sphere of your tax information. If you have any sensitive issues, please call us or give us your telephone number in your e-mail and we will call you.

I. R. S. calling? Put the phone down. It' a scam.

An overabundance of deceptive state tax declarations submitted with TurboTax's on-line tax reporting system has unsettled the consumer this year. However, the fraudsters also keep trying to keep tax payers out of their funds by bothering them on the telephone. Internal Revenue Service has issued recurrent alerts about tax telephone scams in which offenders call the consumer who pretend to be I. R. S. The offenders allege that the tax payer owed tax back, then there is a risk of arrests or lawsuits, unless the offender quickly makes a settlement.

Occasionally, the victim is asked to transfer funds, but more often they are instructed to get a pre-paid debit note from a merchant and give the number to the number. Federal Trade Commission, which is investigating customer scams, says claims about I.R.S. scams have increased over the past year. "Those calling are belligerent, they' re adamant and they' re reckless,' said J. Russell George, Chief Inspector-General for Taxation.

Its I. R. S. supervising bureau said it has been receiving about 290,000 phone callers since October 2013, and nearly 3,000 casualties have been defrauded of more than $14 million. Gregory Garrett, a former senior attorney with the I.R.S., who now has a tax clinic in Dallas, said the phone conversations were penetrating and that his bureau was hearing once or twice a week from principals involved about getting such phone calls. l. Garrett Gregory, a former attorney with the I.R.S. who now has a tax clinic in Dallas, said that the phone conversations were penetrating and that his bureau was hearing from the principals who were involved about getting such phone calls about.

He said most folks know they "laugh and hung up", but the phone beeps. He said his own dad got a call like that a months ago. Incoming phone users want to appear genuine; they can use robo-calling calling ID displayed on their screens. You can know all or part of your social security number and give a forged I. R. S. I. S. tag number.

However, the telephone call itself, say analysts, is the first clue that the call is fake. I. R. S. does not make any telephone or e-mail contacts, but instead transmits letters via the United States Post Office. "IRS doesn't call people," said Mr Gregory. ? What should i do if a calling party says they're at I.R.S.?

Do not give any personally identifiable information and do not touch the person making the call (except perhaps to ask for their name, the F.T.C. recommends that you involve them in a complaint). What should I do if I receive an e-mail from I.R.S.? Usually, the company does not communicate with tax payers by e-mail, so such communications are most likely "phishing" efforts to obtain sensible information such as usernames and password.

If you do not reply to such e-mails or click on Appendices, the advertising agencies advise. In case you are affected, please call I.R.S. directly at 800-829-1040.

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