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State New York Retirement System Login

Find out more about Retirement Online. Follow the processing of your pension claim. They are not binding on the pension system.

Your available online programs are available (/RIR Username)

You should still use all your current reports tools (see full listing below) to run your daily reports work. These are the currently available onlineprograms:: You will use Retirement On-line in spring 2019 for your coverage and member registration. Our sterling certificate course, which consists of self-study tutorials and on-line classes, helps you to prepare.

Check out our Silvery Certificate Guidelines to see what is needed. They must have completed sterling by August 31, 2018. The Retirement Online is shut down. More information about the certifying procedure and learning capabilities can be found on our More Information page. Available online:

Request retirement.

Request retirement. Follow the progress of your pension request. Request a mortgage. Refer to information on salaries, services, contributions, benefits and beneficiaries. Register a previous case and follow its progress. They are not mandatory for the pension system. All errors on this website can be corrected in accordance with 525 of the Education Act and the system's practice.

The New York State Employees Retirement System (NYSERS)

Services offered include: As a non-retired worker working full-time for at least 12 month, you must attend NYSERS as requested by the State of New York. A former member of the staff who works full-time for at least 12 month must choose to take part in NYSERS or the Optional Retirement Program (ORP).

Parttime and fixed-term workers can join a pension scheme at any age. Non-FTEs can opt out of becoming a member by filling out a disclaimer page (pdf). Their retirement, normal and accident-related invalidity and mortality benefit varies according to insurance cover.

Benefit is provided under one of six available levels after the date of enrolment. Recruitment other than former NYSERS members will become Animal 6 members (see Tiger 6 detail). In order to find out what level you are at and what advantages you have, please read the table below or go to the NYSERS website.

We strongly recommend that you make an appointement with Benefit Services before you retire. It is also possible to make an appointement with a NYSERS agent.

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