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The Allegany State Park with its thousands of hectares of breathtaking hemlock forests and.....

AgenturParks, Freizeit & Denkmalpflege, Office of. The members of the SCA New York State Parks Corps live and work in three regions of New York State: Blogs tags search result for employment. Explore Niagara Falls State Park and apply online.

Recent vacancies

At New York State Parks, Recreation and History Conservation, we need a wide range of capabilities to service and run our parks and offer guests a safer and more pleasant time. We are looking for the lightest and most passionate candidates for our squad, from monument conservators and craftsmen to parkland care personnel.

During the high seasons, the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) has just over 1,700 full-time members of the workforce and more than 4,000 temporary workers. The New York State Department of Civil Service fills entry-level posts in commercial, engineering, administrative and business administration.

We have uncompetitive yearly workplaces mainly in the craft, such as tinsmithery and joinery, and in our parking worker range, which are semi-qualified parking service locations. The majority of our temporary workers work during the high seasons - Memorial Day to Labor Day. Most of our temporary workers work as parking and leisure assistants and are employed directly by OPRHP regions.

The 1-7 attractions fulfil a multitude of missions. Parks and recreation workers at various tiers can cut grass and landscape, clear lawn and terrain, accompany trips to historical places, support group excursions, charge collection charges, carry out car parks work, monitor other employees, address customer needs or requests, schedule and monitor organised leisure, historical or environment interpreting work, carry out semi-skilled work in one or more crafts and run various kinds of machines.

Actual pay per hour for Parc and Recreation Aides (1-7 levels) ranges from $10.40/hour to $17.28/hour according to the site of the Parc, the nature of the work available and the level of staff work. New York State Court Police Division is hiring Bay Area Safety Rangers. Short-term season jobs (except Lifeguard) do not need to be checked.

To apply for season employment, please call the OPRHP regional office closest to you at the following number.

It is the first of its kind to offer a one-stop shop for college graduates with a broad spectrum of interests to enroll in internships within the state of New York. This programme will prepare the student for a variety of professions, such as politics, monument conservation, law, budget planning, academic research and contractual administration.

Prospective graduates can access placements at the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and application for placements at the New New York Leaders Student Incentive Progam. With Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's perspective, the Excelsior Conservation Corps (ECC) is an AmeriCorps housing programme run by the Student Conservation Association that addresses the state' s environment and nature protection needs while offering guidance, vocational education and collegiate scholarhood.

We have 10-month waiting periods with the programme from 5 March 2018 and 6-month waiting periods from 25 June 2018 รข so send your application today! For more information on these and other vacancies, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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