New York state of the state Address 2017

State of New York Address 2017

We' re supporting the success of immigrants in New York. Migrants are at the heart of the rich civil and social diversity of our state. Cuomo is leaving his state of the state address. What's the current state of New York?

State in 2017

Officers are responsible for drawing up a joint, co-ordinated and effective service schedule between the entities of district government, with the exception of schools district. Earldom civil servants get general feedback through common hearings and commitment with the community, businesses, labour and civil leaders, reaching agreement on the blueprints.

Drafts of bills will be presented to the county's legislature and the county's electorate will then decide on the bill in the November 2017 general elections.

Videotape, photos & rush transcript: In 2017, Governor Cuomo will deliver his state speech in New York City.

Mr President, first of all I would like to applaud our great State Secretary, who does such a great work. We' ve got our Attorney General doing a great job, Eric Schneiderman please standing, our New York State Comptroller doing a good job, Tom DiNapoli. We' ve got New York City Major Bill de Blasio, the last a New Years Eve, when I was with the Major, we were at a New Years Eve celebration in a metro stop, Second Avenue Underground - nobody had known before.

Things went so well, the MTA starts with the wedding caterer and they will set the accommodating moves so that the rumbling happens right after the profession. The New York City Comptroller, Scott Stringer, is doing an outstanding job. No. In the last few clandestine nights we have been discussing the state of the state.

When 2017 begins, what is the state of the state? To put it briefly, the good thing is that the state vessel is doing very well and is doing better than in years. The city of New York has made significant economical and societal advances. Our administration has not legislated more effectively, reached more or constructed more for the public since the times of FDR and Robert Moses.

At the same perturbing fact is that the ocean on which our state vessel has been sailing is as harsh and stormy as it has been for over 50 years. It is our New York creed, indeed our US creed, our advanced philosophies that offer opportunities for all, welcome migrants, promote the fellowship, care for the needy, respect individuals and religions, and challenge, accuse and attack the advanced philosophies of our people.

A new and strong conviction has emerged that America's variety, open-mindedness and acceptability are at odds with the prosperity of the American working classes of the upper classes. Firstly, to recognise and address the very genuine financial difficulties of our fighting centre-right and, secondly, to avoid misguided rage damaging the fundamental principles of our state.

New York this year will adopt a new business programme - the Middle Class Business Act and a New York Promise Programme to safeguard and promote our advanced set of shared ethical and ethical standards, which are being called into question today. You have to stay powerful and move forward to start in New York.

In the post-war period, New York has retained an unheard of degree of tax-return. In years of having spent more than we accepted, we have at last done what every New York State hosts had to do: we have established and adhered to a fixed household budge. Much of our joblessness is down from 8. 4 per cent 6 years ago to 5. 1 per cent today and the good news is our financial performance is felt all over the state.

Nowadays New York has 7. 95 job positions in the personal and professional sectors, most of them in the state of New York. I would also like to thank the State Auditor for his magnificent work in assisting us in maintaining the tax honesty and accountability of this state. Government expenditure is on the decline because we govern more wisely.

I am proud that this year we will raise our resources for training to a new high and that New York City will get more support for training than the state of New York has ever got before in the past.

We' re also constructing a new New York, from Montauk Point to Niagara Falls - from LIRR to Penn Station to LaGuardia Airport. That is the government's responsability, and we stand up for the New York State community. Simultaneously, we have all our business work and our marriage facilities, we have equality, paid family leave, good judgment guns take the minimum wage, $15:

Once again, New York is the nation's progressively growing city. New York again to find its way up. I' m proud of the work we've done and how far New York has come in the last 6 years. This is not the moment for self-congratulation.

It' bout to get ready for the coming years. Separately and unequally and that my boyfriends, is unbearable in 2017. We still do not have confidence in the authorities or for a good cause. Our most omnipresent hurt and angered by their failure to make headway is our rich. We' re a poorly treated society.

During the 2007 downturn, small and medium-sized enterprises had their hard-earned capital taken from them. Almost half of the houses in our mid-range have not yet returned to their pre-recession levels. It seems more and more difficult to understand the vision that their kids would have a better future as the costs of education and accommodation rise and rise.

Speak to the folks from my hometown Queens. and we' re going to address them. I propose today a law to restore the middle class. There are three components: employment and infrastructures, accessibility to training and lower taxation. It is our primary goal to continue to grow and bring employment to New York.

Particularly in the mid-range. For too long, New York has been living off its heritage. Further important infrastructural pro-jects will be announced nationwide this coming weekend. We must also always be aware of the constant terrorist threats, especially in New York City. There is no single unit in this state, with all our variety, so we work on a regional basis.

The work of our Redc' s is great - and I suggest another $750 million in funding for business performance to sustain continued job creation and expansion. Today I am pleased to announce that we will be investing $650 million to boost the new lifecycle business that is beginning here in New York City.

We' re working with Johnson and Johnson and the Genome Center to drive innovative genetics research that will help us survive and generate work. New York is the place to do it. Improve foods and diet with leafy stores selling New York farm and business produce.

There is an interesting chance of winning employment because the business cycle is over. They' re returning to the US and we want them to return to New York. However, the clues to the careers of the future are training. Technol-ogy occupies employment, but then it generates more employment than it deletes.

They get them when they're trained. These are new positions. Someone with an apprenticeship. That'?s 80 per cent of our population. It is a New York value declaration. By 2017, the P-word is still a major problem that we have to face. We' re proud to have been pioneers with our nationwide Pre-K programme, the first in the country, but we need more.

Today we announce a new after-school piloting programme targeting New York City and other state towns with our impoverished community. To create a state that is commercially viable is to keep our administration reasonably low in terms of business and taxation. I suggest this year that we grant an extra facility with a tax credit for childcare in the middle class.

In this year we will be doubling the loan to cut childcare expenses to more than 200,000 working people. In my opinion, these actions will help to ease the rage of the centre-right. He can be a patsy and he can demonise, he can frighten those who are different, and he can break the unique US ideals and advanced principals that are the foundations of this world.

There are worrying numbers of recent hateful acts in New York: It happens all over the state. This is what makes this country one of a kind in the world. This is the US pledge and this is the New York bequest. We know that our advanced principals of acceptability and variety are not the enemies of our mid-range and we know that the mid-range is not the enemies of our advanced convictions.

Indeed, it was the advanced policy that the nation's centre layer made. President  Roosevelt put peole back to work as he fixed statutes and established a reserve pay and labour laws that established trade Unions, national insurance and buildings infrastructures, all at the same token. After all, the response for folks who feel that they are not getting a big slice of cake is not to try to take the slice of cake from your neighbour, it is not to struggle for scrap let from the wealthy, the response is to wax the cake for all.

If this is going to be a nationwide discussion, you've listened to ours. In these turbulent periods of unstability and disarray - let the great state of New York act as a haven for the advanced principals and societal equity that have made America. That'?s New York's pledge.

It is not just a word, it is a deed. Or, the New York pledge begins with a public-private relationship with lawyers so that every new migrant will be legally represented, even if they cannot have it. Next, we will extend needy legitimate outsourced employment for wrongdoers to fulfill the bodily commitment of Gideon v. Wainwright.

It will be the state of order and justice, but also the state of sympathy and good manners. And we will be reforming our deposit system to balance a person's risks to security, because we will achieve nothing at all by imprisoning those who do not present a danger to the general population, who have not even had the right to a lawsuit.

We' ll keep the pledge of a quick lawsuit, because Riker's Island is an offense to Lady Justice. New York pledge goes further because we believe that personal healthcare is good for the community and that providing good healthcare at a high level of value for money is a fundamental right. We' re not going back to a place where almost 3 million New Yorkers are not insured or Medicaid is being depleted and our first-class New York healthcare system is being phased out.

We' re not gonna let that go down in New York State. We will work with 1199 and the larger New York Hospital Association to ensure that this does not occur. 30-mile ahead of a loose cannon: the Indian Point Atomic Plant. There is no question that Indian Point is in the most heavily settled area of the state and in the most heavily settled area of the world.

IdiocoPoints will be closing in 4 years, 14 years earlier than planned - at no expense to the state. We identify the source of compensation and the transition of employees to new workstations. Mr President, I would like to thank the New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, who has done a really good job on this one.

Will you, Eric, please get up so we can recognize you? I would also like to ask Richard Kaufman and Jim Malatras, who have done a good job on my group. And we will be improving our democracy and proposing early ballots and automated electoral process, because we should do everything we can to actually get the electorate to go to the polls.

By taking on the wage histories for recruitment and asking all government agencies to declare the sex and wages of their staff, we will promote women's right and equality of work. And, make no error, New York will always get up - and stay upright and steadfast - to safeguard a woman's right to vote.

We made a $20B historical effort last year to tackle widespread street homelessness and affordability. And six and a half years ago I joined the MOU to free up the funding. Today I call on the legislature to move forward with the historical accessible residential building scheme launched in 2016, with 100,000 homes across the state and 6,000 homes supporting them, especially in New York City, where the worst is the roofless war.

It is now, it is in winters, it is now, it is now for the state legislative to act. My proposal is for a new State Police and Department of Human Rights Education and Enforcement Task Force, because hatred and discriminations have no home in New York and no violation is accepted.

As New Yorkers under Cardinal Dolan's effort to organise inter-religious worship guides and denominations to inform New Yorkers of the similarities in our various religions, for New Yorkers' right to religion and personal freedoms are New Yorkers trademarks and we must concentrate on similarities that stand in the way of differences.

When I close my boyfriends, yes, we have a challenge, but we have been repeatedly defied, and if there is one thing New York knows, it is to get up and we know how to go beyond it. Being New Yorkers who live in this great state of variety, we know that this rage against each other does not create a mind in which we help each other.

We' re at a September 11th place today. It is the place of the greatest hate and the greatest fear and rage in contemporary man. This is also the place of greatest resonance, which was the place of charity and stretching and underlining, and the place of those who come together and do not see any difference, but see soul and personality and fellow men and Americans, and we saw that oneness is invincible.

New Yorkers from all over the state and the whole land and the whole wide globe were not New Yorkers, but were here to help because they were humans. We know it in New York because New York was America's point of departure. When you want to begin pointing your finger at someone who is different, you will point all the time.

It' about bringing us together. This is New York. This is the nation's foundation principle. This is the nation's lasting pledge. That'?s a lecture that lived in this state. We need our folks to know that the wind is blowing and the oceans are harsh, our principals will lead us and New York will once again show this nations that New York must think about paying attention to our better angles for this teaching and showing them again for this land, because the greatest achievement is joint achievement and the brightest tomorrow is the one we are building together.

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