New York state Licensing Board

The New York State Licensing Board

A new deadline for the regular admission procedure for pathologist assistants. The New York State Education Department: It is licensed by the State of New York. TRANSACTIONS - Online Reviews Information on this website comes from the Office of Profession's offical data base and is regularly refreshed from Monday to Friday. Office of Professions regards this information as a safe, primarily reliable resource for checking licenses. Finding names within a profession: Choose a job.

Occupation: Licence number within a profession:

Choose a job. Use the 6-digit licence number; you must specify all preceding and/or subsequent zeros. Occupation: Licence number: Looking for permissions, by name: Licences may be granted in certain occupations. Prerequisites for obtainment of an authorisation, its length and the terms under which it can be used differ depending on the occupation; the prerequisites and restrictions can be found in the respective occupation.

Occupation: Browse for chemist's facilities, by name or number:: NY registered both facilities within the state and those outside NYS operating in the state. Further information on the enrolment of pharmacist facilities can be found here. Browse by professional entity, by name:

Important: Single practitioner practising under their own name can be found by search for single licencees.

Inquiries about NYS Professions - Information about certification or verification of approval

One licence states that a person has fulfilled the minimal educational law conditions to start practising or hold a job description in the State of New York. Licences shall be for the entire lifetime of the holders, unless the Council of Regency revokes, cancels or suspends them. Education law stipulates that individuals must regularly enroll with the Department and must contribute a royalty to the active use of a job designation within the State of New York.

The State of New York will issue an admission certificate to make a licensee's formal information available for a wide range of use. We kindly ask you to review the following information in order to identify which enquiry you need to make for your particular use. New York State Licence Certificate is an formal declaration in writing of the registration requirements for registration in another country.

One such message: according to the job, contains a mixture of: work experiences. To apply for New York State Professionals licence certifications, please complete this application and pay $20 per request: For a free formal on-line review of any New York State Licence, you can use our on-line review services.

They can also browse our Enforcements promotions for licensing discipline information. If you would like a formal declaration of this information (including discipline ) in writing, please call 518-474-3817 DW 1-390 or email us for an answer.

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