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Finding a job The Barclays Center is closing! The trainees acquire the necessary job knowledge for both education and teaching. Please click on our links to find out more. Interested in a job that requires abilities you don't currently have? Would you like to give a prospective employee information that will make you a more attractive applicant?

OJT can reimburse your new jobner up to 50% of your salary while you are in education for your new job. For more information, please consult your New York State Career Center. You use JobZone to find job descriptions that are tightly related to your work. It only takes a few moments to set up a free one.

CareerZone allows you to research your professional development plan. To find other job title that use similar skill sets and interests, scroll down. - Great advice from genuine recruitment agencies on issues such as: With you can also build a job description to present your experiences to prospective employees.

You can use your personal profiles to connect, blogs, post your thoughts in discussion boards and participate in other online community services. This youth portal offers young adults a tool and resource to help them prepare a CV, find their first job or budge.

Vacancies and job offers: bibliographies on the Internet: State Library New York

This page contains hyperlinks to other websites. The Chronicle of Higher Education's printed job offers from the university world, plus job board updates, tips, links to other job board sources and a book index for the high schooler. An office of the US Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy.

Offers a very extensive list of useful job hunting tools and online job hunting tools. Offers information on job site by site, specialised job site by sector, occupation and job types and other ressources such as business service, job shows, CV banking, college careers ressource-centres. Job offers for kindergartens and high-school students at state, privately and professional training centres.

Provides jobseekers and employer resources on a variety of work-related topics such as job variety, job trainings, relocations and employer presentations. The area of HR tools with over 40 different types of form and guidelines (remuneration and social services, dismissal and dismissal, leadership, manuals, etc.) is of particular interest. It also contains help in searching for job posts prescribed by state laws and provides a link to each state's employment office (many provide the necessary job application form on their websites).

Created by the New York State Department of Labor for secondary and high schools pupils. Offers information on nearly a thousand professions, which includes job specifications, work activity, necessary abilities, training requirements, proposed schooling programmes, salaries and career prospects. Informations and job offers for the areas of finances, accountancy and sourcing. You can search job offers by keywords, categories, federal state, county or name.

There is also a listing of suggested reading on employment in the economy and a link to other careersites. An updated fourth issue of DOT, incl. an alphabetic job index. It' delivered by the U.S. Department of Labor. Provides information on a range of careers in the fields of engineering, industry, management, finance, building, transportation, engineering and more.

There are also job possibilities in the military. Contains a number of other careers related hyperlinks, essays, advice, resource and more. The Payroll Assistant provides job to job comparison across different sites in the United States. Here you will find job vacancies for university and college alumni. Separated areas for season and sommer job vacancies and internship-databases.

This is a publicized website for the job seeker, providing access to teachers, employees and job vacancies and job advertisements from academia, academies, universities around the globe and the profession. In fact,.com is a job seeker job seeker searching machine that allows job applicants to find vacancies published on literally a thousand of the company's job pages and job exchanges.

Contains a job searcher, a job listing of over 23,000 job offers, a listing of over 37,000 phone numbers that supply logged information about job offers, job ad link to over 1,000 newspaper job offers in the U.S., Canada, Asia and Europe, link to over 1,000 job advertisers with on-line job listings, ordered by job area, and link to job websites, ordered by industries, etc.

This is a well establisched and well-liked job website. Contains careers centers (with CV hints, payroll information and careers advice), job search by job and geographical area ( "US" or "international"), job vacancies, and more. Jobseeker website (for training and certifications, vocational counselling, business and sector research, moving and payroll information, etc.) and employer website (recruitment, price setting, job counselling, best practice, etc.).

As part of the American JobBank, this page concentrates on job opportunities in the New York City area. Dropdown menus result in job leaders in Upstate New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Further website amenities of the website are hyperlinks to careers exhibitions, corporate profile and work placements. The Snagajob job posting database contains job advertisements that can be classified by site, job name, job name, job name, and more.

The site also contains advice and advice on finding a job, interview and how to create a good CV. This contains the text of legislation, ordinances, guidelines, stats on how to bring charges of workplace harassment and the use of conciliation to solve grievances. Offers counselling and information for grown-ups, young people, crazy employees and skilled labour developers about ETA's available labour force needs (employment agency, job security, seniors' programme, emergency relief, advanced social security schemes, adaptation grants for commerce and more) and labour forceĀ trainings.

It also contains useful information for the employer (tax benefits and recruitment incentive, support for company closings and job cuts, legislative documents, ETA subsidies and agreements and more). Liaisons with the employment agency under the Ministry of Labour's jurisdiction include law, policies and rules managed and implemented by the agency; stats and information, such as Bureau of Laboristics and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) information; America's Job Bank; and recent news reports.

This is the U.S. government's website for job vacancies and information on applying for government positions, as well as an on-line bid. Included in this listing are test guidelines for the Case Worker family, entry-level account/audit cleric family, entry-level cleric family, entry-level policeman, fire fighter family, examiner family, public healthcare and more.

New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations provides a list of many staff programmes, among them careers travel, dependant nursing, healthcare, and more. There is a shortcut to StateJobsNY which provides job offers for officials. An easy-to-search website that contains listings of job applicants, New York businesses, federal employment and more.

Offers information about New York State Goverment job vacancies, which includes job options, pay, titles, and public sector exams. Includes lists of job vacancies in the country's governments, various job creation programmes and social services, and requests for audits. National test guidelines are available on-line, as are national test guidelines.

Provide information about DOH job openings throughout the state. Contains the New York job market and many other job offers in the state. The website also contains facts and numbers on job and jobless rate and salaries, information on employer and employee job security, and information on employer and employee healthcare and security legislation.

State Recruitment Resources Center provides information for people with a disability and vets looking for work in New York State. The New York State Department of Labor page allows you to fill in the gaps and create a CV.

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