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Also holds a license and is currently registered as a pharmacist by the New York State Education Department. Goverment Jobs, Employment in New York, NY All applicants must, however, have a four-year high-school graduate certificate or an equal pedagogical background in which the tasks they perform are PRIMARY,....

. In 2009, the Chief Executive Officer began supporting the expansion of his programmes through governmental, non-profit and non-governmental organisations such as the Federal Fund for Social Innovation,..... Serving the New York City community by serving as an impartial and impartial guard dog for the government of New York City, city agents and city staff,....


ON-LINE USES are available at The benefits of electronic submission are storing the submissions in your individual login and paying the administration charge by credit/debit cards. In addition, you will find a Job Descriptions and Job Interest Cards on our Exam Announcement page, which allows you to review the specification of the grade and complete a format to be notified by e-mail when an open exam for a particular grade is scheduled in the near term.

In order to obtain a written job offer by post, send us a prepaid (70¢), self-addressed 4" x 9" cover, which we must have at least five working nights before the registration closing date (write the exam number and heading on the back). Notice: the candidate must be legally resident in NEW YORK at least twelve month before the date of submission of the request.

preferences may be successful candidate who have their legal domicile in the nominating jurisdiction. A non-refundable administration charge must be made for each exam you are applying for, which will be individually signed and nomenclature. This charge can only be payed by loan or direct Debit cards for on-line application. Used for Hardcopy application, authenticated cheque or payment order (including verification number(s)).

You must submit MADE PAYABLE TO NASSAU COUNTY together with your request, NO CREDITS OF CHARGE OR PERSONNEL CONTROLS will BE ACCEPT. Requests that are not properly paid will be refused without consideration. Waiving of job enrolment fees: If you are out of work and primarily in charge of supporting a budget, you may waive the same.

Furthermore, an exemption from the registration fees is permitted if you are considered for Medicaid or receive additional security income or official support (temporary support for needy families/family support or safety net support) or if you are approved by a state or municipal welfare office.

Any and all entitlements to exemption from the registration fees are to be examined. You can apply for exemption from the registration fees in the following way: ON-LINE APPLICATION: When asked to file the administration charge, select the exemption from charges item. Comply with the instructions for the download and submission of the necessary exemption from fees forms.

Fill out the Order for Use Fee Waiver and Certification sheet (available from our office) and send it together with your proposal by the end of the deadline for applications as indicated in the exam announcement. In case you are either handicapped and need appropriate test accommodation and/or need another date for the exam due to a dispute with a religious observance or military service obligation, please reply "Yes" to the relevant question(s) in the proposal.


Scope of the examination: EXERCISE AND EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT The only scoring is an assessment of your educational background and experiences. You' ll get a mark on the basis of your educational background and your professional pharmacy license - and how to record the information you need. Professional backgrounds are either (1) "inpatient" or (2) "other".

We do not accept any further information after submitting your resume. To qualify for your PhD and/or Master's in Pharmacy, you must completely fill in the "Additional questions" section of the form. To qualify for training you must have 90 lessons of training (or 9 collegiate credits) within the last 6 years.

To get full recognition for your pharmacy professional expertise, you must indicate when you were ORIGINALIZED by the State of New York. When you only indicate the date of your actual application, you will not be credited for any internship that precedes your actual application.

In addition, for each advertised job you must provide all the information required for the job interview. Failure to do so may result in you not being credited for this work practice. Titles " and "Tasks" clearly distinguish between licenced experiences as "stationary institutionary pharmacist" and other licenced pharmacy activities.

In most CVs you will not find the information you need to assess your CV. Therefore, the filing of a CV - which is not necessary - is an addition to a fully filled CV and not a replacement for it. In order to obtain recognition, fundamental information such as the employer's name, superior's name and position, weekly working time, end pay, reasons for resignation, etc. must be included in the relevant areas of the request for assessment.

IFRS IS THE CANDIDATE'S DUTY TO INFORM THIS COMMISSION IN WRITTEN NOTICE OF ANY CHANGES TO THE NAME, POSTAL ADDRESS, RIGHT ADDRESS OR TELEPHONE NUMBER: STATING THE TEST NUMBER AND HEADING AND YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Discablished Veterans: Please refer to our website at for information (including a downloaded loan application form) on a recent modification of the New York Constitution regarding the issuance and use of extra loans for certain disability vets in public sector audits.

You can also obtain the loan application from our offices at 40 Main St., Hempstead NY. Enquiries should be addressed to the Executive Director of the Nassau County Civil Service Commission. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: In order to meet the educational and experiential requirements of an exam, no allowances shall be made for work experiences obtained by the Commission in breach of the Civil Service Act.

If necessary, allowances, permits and DD214 (military decommissioning documents) must be provided with the request. Evidence of the training requested (copy of your High School diploma, Militär, GED, New York State or a similar Equivalency diploma) can be presented with the claim. In case an apprenticeship beyond high schools is necessary, we have to receive formal reports directly from the schools.

Higher tertiary educations are viewed at a ratio of 30 gl. per year. Only in the case of open competition qualification will the remunerated experiences, if not on a full-time base, be credited pro rata. Voluntary experiences can be acceptable if they can be proven, and the required experiences must have been in a structural programme. If extra work can be replaced for an akademic degree/diploma, the comment is usually interpreted as meaning that for full replacement the basic prerequisite for a Master's must be a Bachelor's qualification; for a Bachelor's qualification it must be a High School Diploma/High School Equivalency Diplomoma; for a High School Diplomoma it must be a satisfying 10th or 8th year.

EXAM: You must present the formal letter of admission for the Exam. Admitted applicants will be informed when and where they should appear for the exam. In the event that an applicant is declined, the applicant will be informed. CANDIDATS FOR EXAMS candidats for exams conducted by other legal authorities within and outside the state of NEW YORK SHOULD NOT BE ADDRESSED TO THIS Bureau TWO WORK WRITING WORK AGAINST LATEST TWO WORKS BEFORE THE DATE OF THE INSTITUTION, OTHER PROVISIONS SHALL NOT BE POSSIBLE to

Applicants can be provided with a fingerprint at the point in the exam and afterwards, if necessary. As soon as the conflict/problem occurs, alternative review dates must be requested from this commission; the documents are necessary and will be verified against defined criterions. After this notification, the Commission retains the right to divide the test and/or to request a certain pass grade in one or more of these sub-divisions for a qualifying applicant.

This will be noted in the inspection instruction. Recording of non-compliance with the legal provisions and procedures, as well as repetitive offences against road users or subpoenas for offences, is a reason for disqualifying for testing or after testing for certifications and appointments. Exams that have been developed and evaluated by the New York State Department of Civil Service are conducted in accordance with Section 23-2 of the Civil Service Act.

The tests and inspections that the Nassau County Civil Service Commission prepares and evaluates comply with the Commission's own standards and guidelines. SELECTION LIST, POSITION AND FURTHER QUALIFICATIONS FOR SPECIFIC POSITIONS: If necessary, further nominees for the certificate can be edited from the list. It may be necessary to undergo a physical or mental health check.

Specific requirements for filling CERTAIN vacancies in schools districts and boces: According to Section 180 of the 2000 Laws and the regulations of the Education Commissioner, which are described by a local education authority or Federal Committee of Educators as having face-to-face contacts with pupils, a work permit from the State Ministry of Education is necessary.

When you are eligible for such a role, you will be informed in due course of your accountability in this release procedure (if a finger print is necessary, an extra charge may apply for which you may be responsible). FINGERPRINTS FOR FILLING CERTAIN POSITIONS: Appointments to certain posts may, in accordance with various legislation, necessitate an examination of fingerprints for the purposes of checking the police records.

RESIDENCE: In order to meet the standards of residence, each applicant for the open competition test must have resided and resided in the district of Nassau for at least one year immediately prior to the date of the test and must remain so until the appointment from the register drawn up as a resit.

Priority may be given to prospective successors who are lawful inhabitants and inhabitants of the nominating community. INCREMENTAL LOANS: VETERANS CREDITS: Veterans may be awarded bonus points in excess of a passed exam: Furthermore, as of January 1, 1998, the NYS Constitution grants members of the US armed forces in full military activity the right to apply for supplementary veterans' credit for public sector missions.

The exact deadlines and other requests can be found in the formal request. Veterans may apply for veterans approval for any test until it is actually used, for nomination from a register. Points can be used once (the vet was nominated or upgraded by obtaining the extra points permanently), with the following exception:

Where non-handicapped or non-handicapped vets have previously been used to obtain an assignment or transportation, handicapped vets for qualifying listings drawn up after January 1, 2014 may be qualifying for extra public sector review allowances if they have used non-handicapped vets to obtain an assignment or transportation with the State of New York or a respective government, and after such use they were certified as qualifying handicapped vets by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs ("VA"; formerly known as the United States Vets Administration).

On such occasions, the handicapped vet has the right to request and use 10 New York State Open Competition and Promotions exams, less the number of non-handicapped vets he has previously used. You can only use the extra credit once.

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