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Non-survivors NYS care

The state of New York has four different health services: Specialist nurse, specialist nurse, state-certified nurse and nurse. An RN can: carry out health evaluations; diagnosing and treating a patient's one-of-a-kind reactions to health issues that have been identified; educating and advising clients on their health; contributing to the planning and delivery of health services as members of multidisciplinary health and health-related comittees.

Typically, a clinically trained male or female clinician (CNS) is an New York State registered clinician who has an intermediate level of training in this area. The New York office is certifying the following CNSs: Health of adults, paediatrics, oncology and psychiatry/mental medicine. An Nurses Practitioner (NP) is an RC who has acquired a seperate licence as NP through progressive NUR training (usually a Master's degree) in a specific field of specialization in the field of medicine.

Nurses can diagnoses, manage and prescription the state of a person in their field. Nurses Praktiker specialties include: Adult Health; Acute Care; College Health; Community Health; Family Health; Gerontology; Holistic Health; Neonatology; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Oncology; Palliative Care; Pediatrics; Perinatology; Psychiatry; Orthodox Medicine; and Women's Health.

Licensed Practical nurses (LPN) provide qualified nurses and processes under the guidance of an medical professional, a male or female male orderly, a medical doctor, or another authorised healthcare professional. More about the caring profession.

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