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A rustic kayak tour to a broken, beautiful castle in a state of photogenic disability. That' my inspiration list for the new year. Discover New York's most popular summer holiday on this one-day tour of Long Island. Afternoon at one of New Jersey's beautiful day spas. Bus tours, bus charter and tours for the whole of Central and Upstate New York.

NYC 6 day trips into the silence of the countryside

Eye-catching advertising boards, sun-blocking sky scrapers, light candles, horn and shouts everywhere are just some of New York City's business-card. However, life in "The Town That Never Sleeps" can be overpowering. If you are looking for a little getaway into the silence and tranquillity of the countryside, you will be thrilled that within only three hour there are places to New York that are so different from the rest of the world that they seem almost strange.

ranging from lush, cattle-covered farmland to walking in the woods, here is a great choice of day trips from New York City that will make your mind feel younger and calmer. If you are looking for a day getaway from loud New York City to quieter surroundings, a day getaway to the farm landscapes of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is exactly what the physician ordered.

In contrast to New York this is a place where the focus is on the outdoors. Attempt to schedule an early day excursion so that you have enough free day to go to a farmyard, farmers' fair and a luncheon or supper at one of the many shops in the shire before returning to town.

When visiting Lancaster County, you may also want to know about the amazing Americans. There could be nothing more distant from the insolence of the New Yorkers than the modesty of the Americans. Visiting the amishmen in Lancaster is a lecture on how the slower lifestyle is.

Siamese are a Jewish group from Germany and Switzerland that came to America at the beginning of the eighteenth cent. Amis see the division of secular beliefs and goods and non-resistance as the accepted Christendom path. This interesting outcome is a nation that lives in secluded isolation in the farming landscapes of Lancaster County and fulfils its religion by prohibiting the use of higher learning and all forms of advanced ingenuity and sophistication.

So instead of automobiles, you want horse-drawn carriages and a lot of runners. Don't be amazed to see the American looking at your iPad or iPhone while you're taking shots (when you're talking about shots, don't try to photograph an American person's face because it's against their beliefs).

Apart from early marriages, the Amic faith has little or no exposure to technology diversions such as TVs, TV' and phones. This is what makes a day out from NYC, which through its simple and educational culture will be both enlightening and soothing. The by far most singular way to see the American is the horse-drawn carriage.

You can watch American kids play in their garden, have an enjoyable time with an English speaking Irish language student in their home or visit an American school, according to your choice of trip. No matter what your booking is, your pushchair will take you past folks wearing clothes from a past period; basic two-storey houses run on sun power and encircled by luxuriant parks; and villages so tranquil that even in the midday the chirping of fowls and barbecues rings noisily.

When Amish Country seems too far away, sea fans will find plenty of peace and quiet on the easy-access Jersey coast beach. Combination of the sea's pleasant water with smooth sands, great dining, energy -packed seafront promenades and quaint historical houses and you get the scenic cities on the coast of New Jersey.

New Jersey is located next to New York City and is easy to reach by rail or coach ( for timetables and fares) or by cars. A day excursion to one of the coastal cities is child's play for those who like to relax on the beaches.

It can take between one and three hrs to reach the sea, according to the city. Calmer cities like Ocean Grove and Spring Lake are best for those who just want to be on a good spot without the thrill and excitement that the more fun and child-oriented cities are known for.

For those who want to stroll along a promenade and play all the places of interest of a promenade hopper pie, theme park, caramel shop, miniature gulf, Ocean City or Point Pleasant Strand will be preferred. Ocean City and Point Pleasant have superb, pristine sandy shores with deckchairs and parasols and thrilling rides that run alongside the promenade.

No matter which type of beaches you decide on, a large crowd awaits you in summers. When the saline waters of the sea don't inspire you, but you find tapering waters, why not try one of the great New York State seas like the next on this one? Ranging from its day as a meeting place for the wealthy and celebrities to its present-day fame as an all-American resort, Lake George has thrilled those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban living and be one with the outdoors.

People who want to explore the beautiful sea on a day tour from New York City can be there in just over three inches. Lakeshore George is the best on the lakefront. During the day you can relax on the shores while enjoying the quiet waves on the lakeshore, swim in cold freshwater or take a boat: but there is much more in the area around Lag.

The Adirondacks are drained by Lake George, so many people walk through the hills on well-marked paths with a relaxed view of the forests before resting in the cold waters. Gogeous rivers stuffed caverns also call theLake George area at home, so speelunking is another way to enjoy the outdoors while attending Lake George.

For those who want a more exhilarating way of play on the waters, try whitewater streaming on Lake George's riverbanks before you sit on Lake George itself to relax and get some breath of air. When you visit us in the summers, you should consider making a reservation, as Lake George is overcrowded in the warmth.

Though very different from the sea woods and woods, they have their very own charms for those looking for tranquility. What day out are you likely to try? For those who like to relax on endless paths through woods and bushes, less than ten shortcuts from New York City will be glad to find a rolling hillside area of walking paths and verdant woodland known as the Palisades.

Who' d have thought that so near the town is one of the best places for day trips from NYC. Palisades is a rolling area in New Jersey with many walking paths ranging from light to medium. Located on the Hudson Riviera, many paths run alongside the stream for a nice, quiet walk.

The majority of the paths pass through quiet, verdant forests with creeks and game. To get a great panoramic of the Hudson and its surroundings, take the path uphill (this is less than two hour walk slow). As an alternative, some paths take you down to a riverbank where you can get a drink and snack or have a pre-packaged picknick.

You can get there by taking the New York Underground A-train to stop no. 1775th St. and cross the George Washington Bridge towards Fort Lee to get to the Palisades. Though further away from the centre than the Palisades, Bear Mountain State Park provides excellent walking, but with additional leisure amenities that make a day out on the hill a great value.

The Bear Mountains themselves are a set of paths leading through luxuriant forests, through which a stream and a sea flow. During the autumn, the area is transformed into a kaleidoscopic area of orange and red wines, attracting the visitor to enjoy the beauties of the Mt. Walking to the top offers a wide view of the hill and the pond.

You can have a picknick here or walk back to one of the many scenic places on the hill. There is a public garden with a large outdoor and indoor pools for bathing, angling on a stream or sea when the angling period starts and ski in summer. The Bear Mountain Statepark is just over an hour's drive from NYC and can also be accessed by coach.

There is nothing like the outdoors when you want to unwind and get away from the stresses of daily urban living. NYC's six day trips on this schedule are some of the best ways to get younger and be back in town by dark.

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