New York state County Clerk

State of New York County Clerk

Clerk du comté de New York County. The County Clerks in New York State have different tasks. Welcome to the Warren County Clerk office! The County Clerk maintains an information index for hazardous waste landfills as a service to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

County Clerks? What do they do?

New York County clerics have different responsibilities. Each of the 62 officers are employees of their highest and district court (although since the state of New York took over most of the district court in 1977, the district secretary's primary function has been that of incumbent clerk). All county clerics outside the five New York City provinces are voted for a four-year tenure and are also the country ranks for their County.

Only the Richmond County Clerk (Staten Island) is serving as a country recorders in New York City's five county clerks. New York is the only member of our association that is not a County Clerk and keeps the registers for the rest of the town.

Of the fifty-one (51) of the sixty-two (62) county clerks also run car registration and related activities as NYS Department of Engine Vehicles officers. District clerks in the many smaller districts are also commissioners of jurors in their districts, and other possible county clerk tasks ranging from records management and public information to pistol permit issue and passport application adoption.

County clerks are not generally engaged in electoral management in the state of New York.

legal documents

Previously, nonsealed originals were only accessible after an index number was assigned. From 1 September, all documentation, unless it has been legally approved, will be available to the general public. It will be made available to the general public. a. You are welcome to send us your legal and other related documentation in electronic form. Submissions made after April 3, 2012 in cases submitted by electronic means before April 4, 2012 are available ONLY on the New York State Courts' Electronic Filing website (NYSCEF).

This full version will ONLY be available on the NAYSCEF website.

district employee

Constitutional state to function and carry out all tasks as county chancellor (recorder) as prescribed bylaws. He may also act as a clerk at the Supreme and District Courts. In his capacity as clerk of courts, the district clerk is in charge of the submission and safekeeping of all legal procedures and documentation of a civilian and penal character.

The County Clerk, an agent of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the Motor Vehicle Bureau.

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