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Doing Business Search provides access to information about companies and individuals doing business with the City of New York. Learn about the specific DBA submission requirements for New York and when you need to submit a DBA. People with disabilities in New York pay expenses. Find out more - Search for. We' re looking for New York state attorneys.

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DOing Businessearch provides information on companies and people doing businesses with the United States. To help you navigate in this data base, please click on the Help Guide button in the top part of the page. The 2007 Law 34 limited donations to election campaigns by private persons doing commercial work with the town.

It provides the general population, the Campaign Finance Board and the City´s Campaign Finance Board with information to help them comply with the laws. Find out more about Local LA 34 and the Doing Business Accountability Project. In setting up this databank, the city drew on information provided by organisations and advocates to various urban resources, notably the Doing Business Accountability Project and the City Clerk.

Identify persons acting as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer or in functions corresponding to the functionally equivalent, who are the owner or partner holding at least 10% of the unit or who supervise the unit's relationship with the city.

In the case of the lobbyist, the lobbyist and the person mainly responsible for them are cited. You can find more information about the starting times and type under Entity Report, Individual Report or Download All Data. You can find a listing of people who have submitted a request for Removals in the last five years and have been deleted from the Doing Industry Database under Relocation Report.

If you have any queries about the contents of this data base, please call 311.

The NYS agency databases: Information search for authorities: State Library New York

Supplier Directory Search - You can search for prevention providers, treatment providers or providers of clinical screening and assessment services for the disabled. Lawyers of New York State Attorneys - New York State Unified Court System : Find a New York State chartered solicitor.

Office of Charities Bureau Registry Search - Bureau du procureur général de l'État de New York. Enterprise and Economic Data Base - Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The data base contains enterprises and non-profit making societies, Kommanditgesellschaften, societies with private responsibility and Kommanditgesellschaften as well as other enterprises. Occupant Information Search - Search this NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision data base for occupant information such as place, state, and regulatory data.

Search this NYS Department of Finance search engine for insurers by name or number. Ko?her Registry Search - Search this NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets data base for product, businesses and certification bodies. NY License Center - The NY License Center is the state' formal license gateway where New Yorkers can request and administer their commercial, work, educational and leisure licens.

Finding companies and private persons with license in NY. Lost Property Clearing House - 1-800-FIND-KID (1-800-346-3543) - Search this Department of Criminal Justice Department searchable by name or search photographs of lost kids, undergraduates, and endangered adult victims. Doctor Profile - Search this NYS Department of Health data base for medical and osteopathic practitioners who have been enrolled in the New York State Register.

Also includes other on-line review searches: Malpractice and Doctor Discipline Search - Search this NYS Department of Health data base by doctor's name, licence number or licence model or expiry date. "The New York State Telephone Directory - Search the New York State Governments Listing for individuals or organizations. The Campaign Finance Data Base - Election Board:

Explore electronic filings. e. Courts - Search a wide range of court records on this website of the New York State Unified Court System. Legislation - Search and search the laws and laws of New York State and related information. The New York State Website - WWW. NY.GOV vom New York State Department of Information Services :

"Find information and New York State Goverment information and service available on the Internet. "An agencywide search field is available. New York Open Book - Browse NYS Office of the State Comptroller information on municipal expenditures, treaties, expenditures and payment, and the state. D-511NY (Information sur la circulation, les voyages et le transport en commun) - Ministère des Transports de l'État de New York :

Accessible apartment directory - New York State Division of housing and Community Renewal (DHCR): Find cheap rentals anywhere in New York State. The search results appear on a card with a road address(es) listing. AHD can also supply further information about regional authorities, shops, clinics, educational and childcare institutions.

Collegiate Credit Recommendations (CCR) Directory - A programme of the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, the National Collegiate Credit Recommendation Services is a not-for-profit consultancy that combines study experience from outside collegiate rooms with university qualifications. Databases of environment conservation and interactive maps - Department of environment protection:

Library of databases looksups and more. "As the Department of Environmental Conservation is collecting a large amount of information, it is fulfilling its mandate to protect people' s lives and the world. Geographicalische Informationssysteme Clearinghouse (NYS )- NYS Office of Information Technology Services : Enables New York datasets and orthoimages to be accessed.

Historical markings - New York State Museum (New York State Education Department): Founded between 1926 and 1966, the State History Marker Program keeps a record of over 2,800 historical marks throughout the state. Though historical identifiers are no longer financed by government funds, the data base is used for research, exchange of identifiers and tourist developments.

Browseable database includes up-to-date race licences, track/VLT equipment holdings and Equine Steroid Administration Log (ESAL). Kid's Well-being Indicators Clearinghouse (KWIC) - The New York State Council on Childrens and Families, consisting of 13 NYS offices, has created a web-based utility to collect, plan and control the NYS children's healthcare, educational and wellbeing indicators in order to enhance results for them.

The MuniPro Index - NYS Municipal Profiles - New York State Office of Real Property Services : "Browse nationwide data or choose a country to find an address and other information. "The New York State Library: Since its first release in 1725, the Library has maintained a printed and microfilmed newspaper library of major New York State papers.

New York State Department of Health: "Take advantage of this page for information about New York State residential facilities and the standard of healthcare. "Prices for prescription medications in New York State - New York State Department of Health: On this page you can search for certain medications from the 150 most commonly used medications listed.

Unused cash, New York State - New York State Comptroller: The State of New York shall hold unused monies in a fiduciary capacity, with the State Comptroller serving as trustee. See if the state of New York has any cash for you.

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