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State of New York

Law to protect network neutrality, equal access to the Internet in the State of New York. NYSHealth is a private, nationwide foundation dedicated to improving the health of all New Yorkers. The NAMI New York State provides support and education for individuals, families and friends living with mental illness. Brain Injury Association of New York State provides advocacy and support for people with brain injuries and their families. New York state teachers will remember which senators voted against their public schools.

New York State Museum

17 July at 12:00 p.m. This whistling tomahawk had an even though enigmatic past after it was taken from the museum's collection in mid-1900. Find out more about its creation and its comeback to the museum in June 2018. Featuring a full immersive sound adventure that takes in the history of the state of New York and the peculiar stories of New Yorkers.

Entrance your artworks to the biannual exhibit entitled Focuss on Nature. The permanent show examines both the landscapes and wildlife of New York's Pleistocene and Ice Age.

The New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth)

Learn more about the major achievements, struggles and lesson we have learnt so far from our work in six neighbourhoods across New York State to build healthy societies. What can we do to ensure that the patient is at the heart of the healthcare system? State effects. The Southern Tier Community Clinic just didn't have enough room.

Located between two impoverished provinces - both identified by the federal government as areas of scarcity for medical professionals - the hospital was sparsely populated and could hardly match its suppliers, let alone its needy people. Muhammad and his ancestors came to Rochester in 2014, where they had a programme of innovation to help them get healthcare and build their own life back up.

Through the Healthy Highway Programme of the Oswego County Department of Hospitals, the students have learned about diet and exercise. Lori, a mom of two, couldn't buy medical coverage. Fortunately, her kids qualified for affordable medical coverage - with the help of the North Country Children's Clinic, she registered with ChildHealthPlus.

Four year old Noah has a cheerful, healthful grin, also thanks to the Women, Infants, and Rights (WIC) Smiles Programme, a pioneering programme that links some of New York's most fragile kids to dental care. YMCAs' diabetic prophylaxis programme across the state has help Donald, Grace and other attendees cut their risks of contracting the condition by 50% and increase their overall state' s level of well being.

Moa, his family and other East Harlem citizens were blessed to be able to reach Randall's island for breath of pure oxygen and exercise. It can be hard for mentally ill infants to find and receive early care. There is a new programme on Long Island working to better serve the needs of mentally ill kids and their family.

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