New York River Valley

The New York River Valley

Guidebook to the Hudson River Valley: Showing Long Island and the Hudson River Valley. The River Valley Bancorp financial and business news, updates and information from the New York Times and other leading providers. Hudson's River map, with the adjacent land. Hudson River Valley near Hudson, New York.

The Mohonk Mountain House is one of the top ten New York State and Mid-Atlantic resort destinations.

The Mohonk Mountain House is one of the top ten New York State and Mid-Atlantic destinations. Established in 1869, this resort is set in 40,000 hectares of unspoilt woodland. Explore the Hudson River Valley with its stunning historical and scenic sights.

Included in the bus tour: Three-night stay at Mohonk Mountain House, a New Paltz, NY chateau Victoria complex. Excursion to New York City. Luxury Mercedes coach. Others by bus: Besides Northeast and West Bus Tours you will also find our Mystery Bus Tours, Southeast Bus Tours, International Bus Tours and Personal Bus Charter.

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The Romance-styled Town Council was built in 1882 by Henry Hobson Richardson, then America's greatest French and Germanarchitects. The Albany Heritage Area Visitor Centre, situated at the Quackenbush Pumping Station around 1870, provides Albany residents with 7-day weekly information on Albanian Albany's past and tourist heritage; the local Henry Hudson Planetarium also provides a weekly program.

The Bear Mountain Park provides many possibilities to enjoy both nature and the past. Hike along the Appalachian Trail or see the Trailside Museum. The Bronck Museum shows perhaps the oldest apartment in the hinterland of New York with a draft that illustrates changes in early architecture-style. There is an exhibition on the industry of Greater Troy in the former Burden Iron Works offices, built between 1881 and 1882.

It houses a varied selection of European and Far Eastern artworks and antiquities in elaborately appointed rooms.

The Hudson River Valley Greenway | The State of New York

Hudson River Valley Greenway is coordinating the design and improvement of the Hudson River Valley urban and rural management technologies and the establishment of a volunteer land-use package for the Hudson River Valley. The funds allocated to the Greenway Council provide Greenway Communities with design subsidies, small-scale subsidies and tecnical support under the Greenway Communities Program.

Hudson River Valley Greenway also co-ordinates the effort to create the Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail part of the Empire State Trail System, to support the Hudson River Valley as a unique tourist area, to support the conservation of farming and to enhance the co-operation of state authorities with community government. Hudson River Valley Greenway administers the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, which was appointed by Congress in 1996 and is now one of the 49 state-approved National Heritage Areas in the United States.

The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area works in conjunction with the National Park Service to help people, governments, non-profit groups and individuals understand, conserve and commemorate the Hudson River Valley's important national heritage and nature. Hudson River Valley Ramble is an all year round celebration of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area's past, present, culture as well as the stunning scenery, towns hips and paths throughout the area.

Each September, hikers come not only from the Hudson Valley and the state of New York, but also from other parts of the land to explore the treasures of our valley.

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