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In the Infatuation is an app and website used by a small team of local editors who feed anonymously to rate and rate restaurants. Road between Chrystie and the Bowery on the Lower East Side of New York City. The KAJITSU A weekly guide to the New York restaurant scene - from restaurant openings to reviews and recipes. The David Burke Kitchen brings creative, original culinary style to downtown New York. Enjoy cocktails and starters in our Times Square restaurant.

Top 31 Restaurants in New York City

NYC attracts crowds of visitors to its world-class galleries, memorials and theatres. So have you had a good look at our grocery business lately? We have opportunities to open our eyes everywhere in the five districts, from quickly roasted chickens to the sophisticated shellfish shrimps and the Carribean of a classic culinary school.

It is an old fashioned restaurant in France that could have prepared the well-known Lyon quenelles de broochet (ethereally soft fish in a rich soup of lobster) or rabbits in three ways. The founder of the Brooklyn Huipster Restaurant, Roberta's and his renowned Roberta restaurant pizzas have cement Bushwick's place on the gastronomic itinerary.

An enchanting scenic wine-oriented restaurant with large changing cabins, delicious California food and a cook who knows a lot about meats and noodles. Head cook Justin Smillie made a name for himself with the little spareribs at the Downtown favourite Il Buco, so look for anything strong when you're in the spirit. A must: crunchy chicken wing with yezu kosho and a whole roasted chicken fungus, laughably delicious with young aromatic plants and creamcheeses.

The Smillie is a true gift of pastas and vegetables, so order accordingly. "It is, in a certain way, but before vision of big banknotes and terrible nutrition dancing in your mind, know that this meal is some of the best around. Perhaps you will find yourself in the open cuisine with a guest cook from North Carolina, who is also dumbfounded about the tartar, and you both gape one small meal after the other as cooks.

Cosy, gold-coloured and cosy for a midtown restaurant, this Ralph Lauren house is something to see, especially for those who are dreaming in Jägergrün. This latest re-design was a great idea: it's less midtown meeting room, more restaurant now. Place yourself in the hand of super star Eric Ripert and his saucers and confectioners.

This is a fixed price meal where the seafood is largely unspoiled, except for the very best curls. Don't miss desserts - not in a restaurant that the New York Times has been awarding four star since it opened. Led by Claus Meyer, co-founder of Noma, it has the nerve-calming ambience, but not the eroticism of his Copenhagen ancestor.

There is a constantly changing meal plan and the cook is a remarkable all-rounder: Is a noisy little restaurant with exquisite little dishes. He has a clever flavor with heavier dishes like steaks, which he combines with anchovy and aubergines. The Chicago natives are thrilled that the cook once cooks in Alinea, the Pescarians are thrilled by the famed shell carrots crepe, and a host of Instagram-loving natives and visitors, all standing by with their camerawork.

Dinner is a pleasure: The chef Greg Baxtrom knows how to make a vegetable, but his abilities are varied and cover all kinds of meat and sausages. It is a retro-style, instagram-compatible restaurant with snack bar-vibe. It is a great place for a glas of champagne, an oyster and a dish of noodles before going to the film forum for an Antonioni film.

Shellfish, noodles, poultry livers and a renowned ferro lettuce are the major attractions. It' on the luncheon list, and Burgerhunde is obsessed with him and his dripping, smooth St. Andre Käse Toepping. If you want your meat on, but do not want to draw 500 dollars from doing so, come to this West Village restaurant, which gives new significance to the saying "cheap and happy.

" You' re here for the sake of the beef, of course, but don't forget the french-fried potatoes, the sour cream puppy pinata and the fried potatoes pork loaf. A man has to dream in terms of textures and temperatures, because whether it' s jacks, skipjacks or prawns on his menus, they are slightly spiced, heated to a very accurate heat and made to have a transcendental effect.

This sophisticated meal is made by a top cook with a Michelin star, but more sensual and pleasing in the package, based on Banchan's inspiration. You can also e-mail your friend, who is just coming home from this part of the globe, because she already knows how good her meal can be. The Thai restaurant has a cheesy, ecclectic atmosphere, amazingly good beverages and a super-spicy cuisine.

In-between a curried and pasta stock, it consists of a hen leek sticking out of its stock, a bunch of soft pasta eggs and marinated green mustards buried in a gold curried stock. It' s simple - in a town filled to the brim with world cuisine - to share some of the best Carribean cuisine.

However, Crown Heights has a number of, well, coupling choices for you, one of which includes a greeted with a sticker saying "We Believe in You" and a cook with a bright grin. Head cook Rawlston Williams comes from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and was trained as a classic French cook in the USA.

You are in a small cafe on the Lower East Side, a place the lovers call "the cook and proprietor Gabrielle Hamilton's restaurant". Head cook Missy Robbins is one of New York's best chefs, and this simple temple of pastas in an area of industry in Williamsburg attracts masses of people for good reasons.

Begin with some capcio and peppé deep -fry, delicious roasted scoops decorated with salted cheeses and peppers, and continue to shellfish, another of Robbins' powerful suits. Watch out for waffaldini, a favourite paste with rose peppers or hazelnut-filled cannelloni. Entries such as sword fish and legs of mutton are usually firm, but if we had our drinkers, we would eat more noodles.

Most of the menus change every day and are mostly served in Japan, perhaps with an egg or clutches of tempera fungi or pasty stripes of veal to immerse in it. They' ll get you a shallow place with your own slice ofizza at the end of every dinner, because that's New York City. Let's get this straight: New York has had a good mexican dish for a long while.

However, Cosme is run by Enrique Olvera, from Pujol in Mexico City, and his restaurant literally seems to be the limelight of Mexico dining. You want the dual-carditas, a long chunk of flesh seasoned with Mexico cola and oranges. Sometime you just want fried chickens with boiled potato.

They come here, to an old, light and breezy parking lot in the West Village, run by a cook whose Zén touch permeates the whole house. Somebody has to order the classical Triumvirates cabbage and lettuce with sheep's cheese and bread crumbs; chickens with Italien spaghetti; incredible crispy potato - but someone else should get some paste, because boss Waxman is proud of his.

It' a great event, but the prix-fixe meal at EMP will be one of the best this year. The steak house from 1883 offers something new to look at every year. There are hardly any visitors - a boon for the village. Sodi' s noodles are good to go, but the arctic camel lasagne with its bacillion strata is dominating instagram.

This vegetarian restaurant also has a tidy atmosphere. The minimalistic "fast-running" roasted henhouse with its lightweight wooden barbecue, some low-backed seats and quick serving has the straightforward, slim, practical and uncomfortable atmosphere of most Momofuku-outsites. It' a neat, tidy place with good roast chickens.

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