New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital Center

Hudson Valley New York Presbyterian Hospital Center

By NYPHVH's Cheryl R. Lindenbaum Comprehensive Cancer Center. New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital was formerly known as Hudson Valley Hospital Center, Inc. and changed its name to New York Presbyterian. View the CMS profile page of this hospital or the inspection reports.

Guilda's Westchester Club at New York's Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital. New York Presbyterian/Hudson Valley Hospital.

New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital Debut's Digestive Health Center

New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital has opened its new digestion center and an extension of its gastroenterological and hepatological group. New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital Digital Hospitals Center is situated on the Crompond Road 1978 Cortlandt Manor Conservatory College in Cortlandt. This new centre offers simple and convenient entry to the highest level of end-oscopic service in a warmer and more inviting environment and has been awarded the Joint Commission's golden seal of approval.

An open day will be held for the general population to visit the Digital Green Centre and see the digestion group. Doctors Herman B. Kleinbaum, MD, Mitchell Josephs, M.D., and David E. Lin, M.D., formerly Hudson Valley Center for Digital Heath, teamed up with NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Group Hudson Valley and the group's present gastroenterologist, Frank Turchioe, M.D. and Shireen A. Pais, M.D., in Cortlandt Manor, Carmel and Yorktown Heights clinics.

Doctors are attached to New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital and will carry out all their operations in the new center. The gastroenterological expertise provides a full range of gastroenterological care products, which include diagnostics and treatments for indigestion, ulcer, hepatitis and other hepatic conditions, diabetic and peptic conditions, gastro-intestinal movement disturbances, coeliac condition, irritable intestinal disorder and other malignancies, gastro-intestinal malignancies, infectious colorectal disorder, haemorrhoids and colorectal tumors.

For more information about the Digestive Health Center, click here: Click here for more information about the group: Medicina: Group: Medicine: Group:

Hudson Valley Hospital, New York Presbyterian

To address the growing needs of people affected by cancers in our communities, Gildas Club Westchester works with our communities to offer emotive care and education programmes both inside and outside our clubhouse. These are our coming offers in the city' s hospitals: These programmes are available at Cheryl R. Lindenbaum Comprehensive Tumor Center through a partnering program with New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital.

The self-help group is free and open to the fellowship. Licensed clinical social worker and lymphedema therapist will emotionally and pedagogically assist men and woman suffering from lymphedema due to an operation for cancers. Sharing your experience with others and discussing cancer-related topics.

Moderated by a Gilda's Club Westchester Socially Integrative Worker, this self-help group supplements health services with continuous research into emotive and societal issues, individual insight and hands-on counseling based on the experiences of being affected by cancers. The group is open to all who live with cancers.

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