New York Presbyterian Hospital Address

Address of the New York Presbyterian Hospital

Locate and find directions to New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, NY. Presbyterian Hospital New York - Columbia University Medical - 40 Photos & 131 Ratings - Hospitals - 630 W 168th St, Washington Heights, New York, NY - Telephone number

The nurse took my vital signs. I was then............placed in the'Fast Track' section. But I don't know why they chose to put me in the overtaking lane, but the overtaking took eight long times - a whole working day. So, yeah, it's been eight whole fucking lessons in an awkward, tough place.

There was no one or a nursing staff came to me until two inches later. And not even a "Hello, how are you, I'll be your nurse". Waiting and waiting and sitting in agony. I had a physician who came to me after 2 hour and was very competent. Eventually the orderly came and began an infusion.

It'?s the least I wanted, because I was seated in this awkward seat. When I was released, I had another physician and another registered nurse. I' m working in a hospital so I know the minutes. When you don't go to give a bed to everyone, give at least one comfy pillow case to everyone, as they do at the Lenox Hill overtaking lane.

It' shit to be unpleasant and painful all and sundry. It shouldn't take 8hrs. Yes, and a fellow next to me, who was also in the overtaking lane and obviously had a great deal of pains, was finally said to have cancers. Asking the orderly if he could get a berth, she said: "No berth for you, you're in the overhaul.

I can' believe he was in the passing lane all nig. And, please, make yourself at home. There' s a lot of soreness. It was only after four hour at the 168th Street Columbia Presbyterian ER that we found out that the ridges were fractured. He' s not been x-rayed that long. And if I remember correctly, he wasn't given painkillers for at least two inches.

Leaving him just to cry - my man NEVER complaining; he was always the powerful one helping everyone else - in an extremely inconvenient, tough stool. The analgesia should come quickly. A little anaesthetic is obviously necessary if you are dealing with sick persons, but an anaesthetic that rules out immediate treatment of discomfort means carelessness if not sloppiness.

We had a whole eight-hour delay in the ER. However, an old man who screams in unbearable pains and waits for painkillers for hundreds of minutes and then, after the first round has subsided, waits for another dosage for at least an additional one hour is unscrupulous. There is a built-in negligence of those who can be ignored and awareness for those who sounds like the physician who has discharged us after we had spent 8 hrs "educated".

" before we moved to New York a few years ago. We hospitalized at Mount Auburn, one of the best in the United States. I' m lying there crying out in pains before I got any medicine. There I underwent a large bony operation (jaw reconstruction, 11 hrs with 2 transfusion sessions) and the after care was very careless.

When I learned that I was in the incorrect part of the hospital, nobody raised a digit to move me. I couldn't find my physician, and thank God I had my mom with me, otherwise she would never have found me to look after me.

No one knew what painkillers to give me, and the nursing officer on call could not be disturbed. When I needed help several time to go to the toilet, she would pull me by my arm and essentially put all the infusions and pins in my arm more deeply, ripping my vein and skull.

I was terribly hurt when I walked out of that place. When a physician found me, I was fragile and couldn't run more than a meter without getting vertigo. Nurses treat me like a nuisance and roll up on me as I ask her for help.

Right after my operation, I puked bloody for 24hrs. No one did anything (except for a very friendly nursing woman, but unfortunately he went out of service for a few long periods and revolved with an apathetic, careless one). During the operation I had, I was advised to stay at least five nights in the hospital before being sent home.

Here they held me for two days, dragged my numb bodily handicap into a wheel chair (I could not walk) and abandoned me at the hospital with my mom to go home. and I had a serious dehydrated hairbrush after not being in the hospital for two-night.

I' ve been shamefully hospitalized. Widely open and roomy hospital. That'?s why we have chosen Dr. Finegold of the Columbia Presbyterian. But I also noted that every Dr. who reported to the expectant family gave all the accounts of good practice. You can reach these clinics easily and cleanly by rail. Personnel are noisy when talking to the patients and the physician is dull when explaining or giving medicinal advice.

It' my first time in this hospital. Previously known as Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Thanks, Columbia Presbyterian / New York Presbyterian Hospital . I' ve been in the ER lounge for 2 hrs after I had been pausing for 2. 2 fevers for over 12 hrs now last evening, and had my physician get me down in a chair.

I' m about to go for the second one. Eventually they came into my room and took me to an x-ray of my breast, where I have been outside in the corridor in my pillowless cot for about 30 minutes. I' m just waitin' to be taken back to my room.

I' m famished and said that I haven't had anything to eat in 14 hour, but I can't get anything. It' stopped in this ER. I' ve been here 11h and almost nothing happens. For 11hrs my man has been in a shitty wood stool and has no place to lay down, even though he is in a lot of anguish.

I' m still in the hospital for a neurologic disease. I' ve been gridlocked 16 time since I came in just to get an infusion inside me, and this is said to be one of the best clinics in the state? I' m NEVER returning to this hospital once I' m out.

You want to make sure that....? I' saw them just sit and talk to each other, maybe they had a class or something I don't know.... maybe they were like an idea of something to train..... anyway, when they saw the patient..... they were like Freash Man.......... as quick as the breeze.... maybe it was just me, I just had a lousy LUCK...... and there was more to sue.... but what can I say?

We had a member of the patient's immediate operation on November 14, and as we were in the Room awaiting 3 West, we were taken in by the astonishing caring David gave to the members of the patient's immediate relatives while they awaited the latest from him. I' ve had the most horrible experiences with this hospital. I' ve been waitin' for a physician most of the way.

I was admitted by EMS for the beginning because I had severe back pains that made me incapable of walking. I was not given a wheelchair when I got there and was asked to get a seat (which I could not do), but the EMS staff gave me a nice neat berth to put on.

Later I was taken to a room where the physician removed me and my wife and daughter. I was told by the physician that I have to get out of my bunk and I tell her that I cannot move and she looks at me as if I am a liar (because I want to lie on this awkward bed).

Worse, there was only one physician in my department who didn't even see the PA Sarah Ahmad, but sent in. So the PA gives me medications tell me it's Scia I know it's not, but hey they went to college for this. A further few hours the medicine has done nothing to relieve the pains except the fact that something more can relieve my leg.

Then after another round of medications, the soreness is still the same as the treating physician, Dr. Melin, says that I have a slipped disc (still no MRI) and is sending me home. If I hadn't been asked for cribs, I wouldn't have been given any to go out of the hospital, insane is that the Nurse didn't even know how to lengthen it because I'm big.

Ohhhhh and no wheelchair was provided to make it easy for me to get out. up to 5 lessons Six-hour later, still no follow-up..... recalled, trying to get hold of someone for hour.

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