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Locate phone numbers and addresses of people in New York State. Locate a New York City phone number There are very good phone lists and yellow pages on the web where you can find phone numbers for private and corporate customers. In general, you will be able to find offers for any individual or company that has a fixed number in New York City. It is not unusual for an individual to add a premium for an unquoted number.

NYC numbers are harder to find because these numbers are not publicly available and so there is no cellular phone listing for NYC at this point in it. Several of the following on-line folders allow you to perform a backwards search in New York City - that is, to use a known phone number to perform a backwards search to find a specific individual or company.

They can sometimes do reverse phone number phone looksup, too - but that would be through a charged ministry. On-line phonebooks for New York City, New York are quite extensive and up-to-date - but they only offer entries for fixed numbers. At present, there is no on-line list of cellular numbers.

These phonebooks offer both private and corporate whitepages for fixed numbers. These lists contain lists of customers for all New York City based phone operators. - New York City phonebook on-line - is probably the largest on-line phonebook for the USA.

Your New York City listing is quite extensive and contains most of the people we know there. White Pages contains both private and corporate entries. Also it has reversible phone number look up. Usually it does not contain mobile phone numbers, but can contain a click-to-email address for members who are register. - New York City on-line phone book - is another resource of home and office phone deals in New York City. is connected to (above) and the information is very similar. Use the search tool below to find a phone number for individuals and companies in New York City.

You can search backwards in both folders - just type in the number and you will find the client name and adress. Please be aware that this only applies to landline numbers. When you look up phone numbers reversely, this is more complicated since phone numbers are currently not publicly available in the US.

They may be able to find a number through a chargeable search engine, but there is no free mobile phone number index that you can use. Like the White Pages, there are great Yellow Pages for New York City. The Yellow Pages on the Internet offer industry entries for most businesses in the New York City region.

For New York City, the two largest and best yellow pages are: - New York City - The Yellow Pages contains extensive and up-to-date industry entries for enterprises in the area New York City and in the USA. is the on-line edition of the telephone companies' conventional yellow pages.

OverPages. com is operated by Idearc, a public corporation that publishes all Verizon directory content across the country. yellow - New York City - Another of the largest and most complete yellow pages on the web that covers New York City and other US city. This website offers commercial entries throughout the New York City and the United States. - New York City - Yellowbook is a 3. very large and extensive book. The Yellowbook includes New York City, the nearby and other US citys. The Yellowbook is part of the Yell Group, which runs Gelbe Seiten directory in 5 different nationalities. There' other yellows, but these top three have what you need.

For New York City properties, dining and other businesses, use the search tool below. We recommend that you try Google if these folders don't have what you need.

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