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Best Outdoor Activities in New York City If you think that the leisure activities in New York are starting and ending in Central Park, you need a wake-up call. As a result of recent years' challenging metropolitan developments - such as the renovation of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway cycle track and the thriving Brooklyn Bridge Park - the country's biggest town is offering more and more possibilities to relax under the Empire State.

Like you would think of a town of over eight million inhabitants, New York's great asset is its variety - there's nothing you can't do. Do you want to take a tour of the centuries through hilly, luxuriant countryside? In spite of the proof to the opposite, New York, as far as the big towns are concerned, can really be a play area for outsiders.

The most densely populated town in the county does not seem to be an excellent place for a runner: transport, masses of people, no big mounds and the irregular smell of pee in it. Yet New York is home to one of the biggest and most committed runners' clubs in the United States.

And not to speak of the fact that the town has some surprising places to run. The run-one ribbon around the interior of Central Park is probably the most popular in New York York city. However, expect to pass some of the city's most prestigious monuments - such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art - as you walk the last few kilometres of the New York marathon (clockwise to recreate the route).

Park Drive Loop is treacherously undulating. Dustin Hoffman's Marathon Man, this shallow track around the Central Park Reservoir is just the thing for you if you want to dodge the Park Drive Loop or follow in Dustin Hoffman's Marathon Man's steps. Brooklyn's Prospect Park has a similar importance among the community's skaters as Central Park for those actively involved in Manhattan.

Though Central Par was in first place, the two godparents of U.S. Urban Parks designs regarded Prospect Parks as their work. Circumnavigate the three miles long bend around Prospect and then run on the Long Meadow, a hilly full-length greens that almost makes you forgetting you' re in New York.

New Yorkers who ignore the Bronx are robbing themselves of one of the most famous race locations in the country: This is Van Cortlandt Bank. Van Cortlandt is New York's third biggest public garden with well over 1,000 hectares and is easy to reach from the 242nd Street stop on Underground Line 1. When you' re in the mood for a little longer, you can enjoy the length of Manhattan, from Inwood to Battery Bay, along the Hudson River Greenway, a 13 mile course that offers bikers and walkers overlooking the New Jersey Rim.

Yes, we're referring to the Brooklyn Bridge, the setting for countless movies and New York's nostalgia. Begin your run at New York City Hall in Lower Manhattan, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and finishing by returning over the Manhattan Bridge. The West's hills may be favored by trail-running snaobs, but don't be fooled: there' s raugged adventures just outside New York City (gasp!).

We recommend that you let a good (and reliable) Bear Mountain Inn companion drive you home. The best trails near New York City are actually in New Jersey. Beginning in Upper Manhattan, cross the footpath over the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey.

When you get there, take the long road that leads you along the Palisades, dramatically steep escarpments of the Hudson River. With more than 350 mileage, the whole Longath is something of a duty, but the first 13 mile from Fort Lee, New Jersey, to the New York State Line are relatively shallow and provide nice vistas of the Manhattan and Hudson Riversskylines.

No need to be a bicycle courier to ride in New York Capital. Of course, adrenalin addicts can zooming in on the bus tling streets of Manhattan, but even frequent bikers will find similar trails to Anytown, USA. Every bicycle ride to New York must involve a ride through the big verdant centre of the town.

On the 6th 1-mile drive around Central Drive you will pass a variety of historic sights and renowned sites, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Strawberry Fields and the Dakota. Parkschleife is also not suitable for sloths, as the whole trip includes almost 400 metres of rock climb, which includes the steep climb of Harlem Hill at the northern end.

The Central Parc is the favourite training centre for the town' s thousand persevering people. It' time for the trip with caution: During workdays, the south parts of Central Drive are open to motorists ( (west side 8.00 to 10.00 hrs; eastside 7.00 to 19.00 hrs). Particularly in the hot summer evenings, the parks are often so full of hikers and visitors that a bicycle tour can quickly become a crazy accident prevention drill.

Most of Manhattan is surrounded by the 32-mile Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, a cycle track separate from motoring. Hudson River Greenway is the most beautiful landscape along the west bank of the Isle, from Battery Park to George Washington Bridge and Inwood Park. This itinerary shows a broad spectrum of New York City's attractions, noises and even scents (in good times and bad).

Lower Manhattan will see bustling Wall Streeters and classy fashionists. If you are new to the city, including swimming, we suggest a return trip to Fort Tilden Rockaways after two years of closing due to Hurricane Sandy in 2014. This is a profound brooklyn cultural trip along the way past hoipsters, hoip hopers, orthodox Jews, Russians and multi-generation brooklynites whose New Yawk accents come directly from mainstream casting.

Leaving Manhattan, cross the Manhattan Bridge (never cross the Brooklyn Bridge - the crowd of unsuspecting visitors makes for a crazy experience) and then cross Vanderbilt Avenue to Prospect Park. Coming from Prospect, take the Ocean Parkway Cycle Route (the first cycle route in the country) southwards to Coney Island, where you can connect to the Belt Parkway Cycle Route, which will take you eastwards to Flatbush Avenue Cycle Route.

Drive over the Marine Parkway Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge to the northwest end of Jacob Riis Park, where you will see signposts to Fort Tilden Beach. It' not possible to find country streets and hillbilly areas near New York City, is it? To the west of the George Washington Bridge is Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey, a thin strip of open spaces that stretches along the Hudson River for about six mile.

Henry Hudson Drive - known as River Road by natives - runs northwards within the reserve, which runs under the roof of the trees for seven continuous mile. Native bikers rush to River Road to enjoy the view of Manhattan, the country atmosphere and the strenuous 400-foot ascent. From Manhattan to the south, drive along Henry Hudson Greenway, cross the George Washington Bridge and turn immediately lefts.

You will find the River Road entry on the leftside. The majority of bikers return to the cities on Hwy 9W, a favourite north-south cycle route. At the weekend, many bikers cross the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan to the northeast on the beloved Hwy 9W, which leads along the west shore of the Hudson River as far as Albany.

Before it descends into the small village of Piermont, where some bikers head north on the shallow River Road while others ascend the Tweed Road, the trail leads along the Palisades rocks. Mountain/Harriman State Park, just a 100-mile drive away from the hustle and bustle of the world. As in all larger towns, there are several competitively priced group trainings in New York.

However, none is more popular than the Gimbels Ride, which is taking bikers on a quick and angry ride through Westchester County in the northern part of the town. Drivers from New York and Connecticut have been meeting every Saturday and Sunday at 9:20 a.m. at the Cross Country Mall in Yonkers for half a hundred years The group slowly drives northwards along Central Park Avenue to White Plains, where they split into two (one more slowly, one faster) just behind the Kensico Reservoir.

"They represent so many different nations and different civilizations - it is a crucible like the city," says Will Schneider, a long-time member. The two trips end with a quick run to Mamaroneck, where the drivers either return to town or drive home through the Bronx. LONGIANIAN' s most famous group tour starts every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30am from a small garden known as Triangle, situated along 58th Avenue in Little Neck, Queens.

Like the Gimbels, the Triangelfahrt has been in use every week-end for years. "We have been riding since the early 70s, when professionals like George Hincapie, then a teenage boy living on Long Island, were part of the pack," says Ernest Knox, a veteran triangleer.

Distances: 85mph from Manhattan, 50mph from Nyack, cyclists living on the western shore of the Hudson River gather every Sunday mornings in the small city of Nyack for the Rocket Race, which travels through the suburbs of New Jersey to the state of New York. From Runcible Spoon, the trip starts punctually at 8am and continues at breakneck speed south on Piermont Road (Route 501).

While driving through Tenafly and Englewood, New Jersey - where a couple of extra bikers could join - the trip accelerates and goes north on Knickerbocker Road (Route 565), which is finally connected to South Little Tor Road. Rocket riding through Old Tappan and Nanuet.

A little further east, just off Harriman State Park, we head east on Southern Mountain Road and then back to Nyack on Highway 9W, where we finish the ascent to Rockland Lake with a quick run. Supporting a flourishing race community, New York City includes the Century Road Club of America's week-end show at Central Park and frequent shows at Brooklyn's Prospect Park.

We believe the most authentically crafted show in the town is the Tuesday nights race at Floyd Bennett Field, at the south tip of Brooklyn. It doesn't take Jimmy Chin to get up in the New York area. So whether you want to go bouldering outdoors, multi-rope climbing or getting your top raping in a gymnasium, you can find it all within (or a few hrs outside) Manhattan.

Prepare for large ramparts and a multitude of architectural style on the Cliffs Long Island City trails. It is one and a half blocks from Court Squares and is easy to reach from Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Exterior mountaineering encounters boulderers in Dumbo Boulders, a brandnew boulder area below the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn, which is the biggest boulder hall in North America with an area of almost 8,000 sqm.

It belongs to the Cliffs who opened in Brooklyn Bridge Park last fall. There' there is a good explanation why Brooklyn is one of the most beloved gymnasiums in the eastern Mississippi: Though BKB has been extended to Queens, Somerville and Chicago, the Brooklyn site will always be the origin.

Each group run, Soul Bike classes and group trip in New York starts and ends with a discussion about where to dine afterwards. Your town is so full of astonishing possibilities that it can take a ten-league run to find out who really has the best brace.

As in every touristic town, however, there are pitfalls to be avoided. The run starts and ends at least once a months at three New York sites. A doughnut is $1. 10 a piece, it's tough to confine yourself to just one and there's no need to if you've just completed a long drive or run.

Well, some folks swore it was the best burgers in New York. A good stop for driving down the Hudson River Greenway. If the town is so warm, the cockroaches begin to fly and your whole run will smell of smelting rubbish, icecream is what you need.

Name after a line in Walt Whitman's essay "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry", Ample Hills Creamery makes every single pin of pine from the ground up with grassfed cow's milt. Its only disadvantage is that there may be a long waiting time as it is one of the most sought after frame stores in New York. But if you want to end a 14.00 drive and have a long dinner, you will probably be able to go straight in.

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