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Complimentary access to official New York reports via the New York Slip Opinion Service and the New York Official Reports Service. The Paramount Hotel is located in Times Square, New York. Enjoy the best of New York City sightseeing by bus, cruise and helicopter. New York is a fast-paced city. The state of New York is familiar and full of surprises.

Official New York Stories Decision making

In the New York Proceedings, the Law Reporting Bureau discloses all rulings of the Constitutional Tribunal and select rulings of the Constitutional Tribunal as well as rulings of the Appeals Tribunal. The LRB offers free of charge on this website two different types of feed: the LRB and the LRB: New York Slip Opinion Service und der New York officially reporters Service.

New York Slip Opinion Service provides free admission to recently published rulings and applications before they are published in official reports, along with an e-voting for each one. Judicial reports that have been chosen for on-line publishing only are available, as are application rulings by the Appeals Division and the appeal period of the Supreme Courts.

Please click on the links below to view our decision or proposal form, or perform a full text or detailed searching using our advanced query. New York Official Reports Service provides free entry to the text of all rulings that have been contained or abstract in the official reports from January 1, 1956 to the last Advance Sheet.

To browse to the Official Reports service and perform a query, click on the links below. Thomson Reuters Westlaw operates the New York Official Reports Service.

Laws Bureau Home

"The New York resolutions are to be quoted from formal reports" (CPLR 5529[e]). Wellcome to the New York Public Report Website, presented by the New York State Law reporting bureau. The site provides free entry to a vast compilation of New York State's formally issued judgments from January 1, 1956 to the present day.

Additional useful resource is the New York Law Reports Style Manual and a research law gateway that provides free entry to regional, state, national, and multinational law materials.

The New York Service for Official Reports

It provides privileged viewpoints from the New York Court of Appeals, Appellate Division, Appellate Term, Supreme Court and various tribunals. It contains all comments of January 1, 1956, which have been either publicized or abstract in the official reports by the latest BREF. These statements have been prepared by the New York State Law Reporting Bureau.

You can search for words, quotes, official document number, case number, case name, judge's name, lawyer's name, kind of view (i.e. majorities, unanimous, dissenting) and date of the ruling. Copyright protected characteristics of offical articles (e.g. head notes, abstract, summaries and advice ) are not contained in this website.

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