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New York Attorney General's complaint said that the Trump Foundation benefited Donald Trump's personal and business interests. One New York City man arrested Monday hit a fellow subway driver with a metal pipe over the weekend, breaking the skull of the straphanger, police said. from New York Daily News, New York's home town newspaper. An election in New York: the struggle to prove who is the Trumppiest of all. Now Orleans - Renard Matthews was shot two weeks ago in New Orleans.

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About $375,000 was reportedly stolen from the account of a late New Jersey citizen by a banking clerk and her friend, according to officials. 37-year-old man from New Jersey was detained for supposedly being on the road drunken in a schoolzone with a customer on the top of his BMW. Over 6,000 consolidated Edison buyers in a Brooklyn neighbourhood were losing energy Monday afternoons due to a wire outage that also maimed metro facilities in the area, officials say.

One man who says he acted as President Donald Trump's private chauffeur for more than 25 years suing the Trump Organization for back payment on Monday, claims he was compelled to work tens of thousands of extra hours..... What? Couple of mysterious text messages have resulted in a two-day quest for a young man in a Long Island parking lot in the context of an on-going criminal case reportedly filed by the MS-13 band, a bill.....

One New Jersey lady passed away after the electric utility disconnected the electrical supply to her home, even though she had only paid $500 into her bank accounts a few nights earlier. Investigations are ongoing after two wives were found killed in a condo in Ventnor City, New Jersey.

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On Monday, four paramedics evacuated the area around the flood cave in the north of Thailand, where members of a junior football club have been held for more than two wholeweek. This indicates that a further eight of the 13 prisoners have now been withdrawn. President Donald Trump's private attorney Rudy Giuliani said he was not concerned that Michael Cohen would testify before the adviser as long as he was honest.

Class mates of the young prisoners in Thailand prayed for their salvation. Chris tropical tempest squats on Monday about 200 miles off the Carolina coastline, and prognosticators anticipate he will win Hurricane force before he moves up Gulfstream water on a route that could cause life-threatening surges on East Coastline shores this week. ÿ This is the first time a Gulfstream wind blows.

They had to be saved after their small vessel collapsed in the Hudson River on Monday. That 10-foot dingy keeled over in the water off Jersey City at 3:30 p. m. Firefighters are fighting a row of fires in Brooklyn that erupted Monday because of the overruns. President Donalald Trump has ruled on his candidate for the Supreme Court, a man with awareness of the Monday, hrs before a television broadcast that will spark a violent affirmation war.

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