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Below is a list of legal fireworks approved by the fire department: People of New York, New York, NY. NYC, one story at a time. Hammerstein Ballroom Manhattan Center New York, NY, USA. So that New York City works for every New Yorker.


Gouverneur Andrew Cuomo describes politics as a'moral failure and personal tragedy', and the super model and her man Tom Brady have reduced the cost of her Manhattan Penthouse by more than £2.5 million. The mayor Bill de Blasio says that "the legalization of cannabis is likely to take place in our state in the near future".

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"I' m a licenced Manhattan-based clinic shrink specializing in adult and older adult patients suffering from either mental or emotional state. French speakers are welcome, as I was raised in Geneva, Switzerland. For people who have problems such as problems with relationships, problems due to transition (career changes, becoming a family member, retiring, becoming a carer, etc.), physical states, adaptation to a new society, sadness andfertility.

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A number of individuals have tributed the 15-year-old, who was killed last weekend in New York, among them Cardi B, who gave 8000 dollars. His BBC attorney Benjamin Brafman talks to Luke Jones about the defense of prominent figures, the #metoo move, his "brilliant" new clients and the "Tsunami of Evil Will" against him in his first conversation since the indictment of Harvey Weinstein.

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