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Hudson New York New York New York Hudson

New Neighborhood in New York Hudson Yards is conveniently situated between West Thirtyth and West Thirty-fourth Street on 10-12 Avenue and is the centre of the greater Hudson area with unrivalled links to the S-Bahn, the metro system, the West Side Highway, the Lincoln Tunnel and ferry services along the Hudson River. Elongation of metro line 7, which opened in 2015, will arrive on Hudson Yards' doorstep.

Connected by Chelsea and Midtown West, this vibrant district is next to fashionable arts galeries, award-winning dining, trendy nightclubs and prestigious boutiques and internationally renowned fashions and designs. Hudson Yards' neighbourhoods, which includes Chelsea, West Chelsea and Hell's Cooking, are full of stylish arts galeries, cutting-edge dining and nightclubs, and prestigious global fashions and designs.

Townspeople starving for a foretaste of nature now have a wide range of greens to discover, among them the acclaimed High Line, Hudson River Park and Hudson Park & Boulevard. The new No. 7 subway line, which will open in autumn 2015, will make it quick and simple to get to Hudson Yards.

New Underground Line No. 7 is the first expansion of the New York metro system in more than a year. The Hudson Yards area, which has been insulated for years by a solid, open railway station, has been transformed into one of the most comfortable neighbourhoods in the town with the historical launch of the new local transport system.

At its heart is the new Hudson Yards metro line 7 to Hudson Yards stop between West34th Avenue' avenue. Visitor can reach 30 Hudson Yards on Hudson Yards directly from metro No. 7. This new Hudson Yards metro stop on Hudson Yards' doorstep will connect the new metro line 7 to the neighbourhood's metro stations at the following lines: 7th Avenue, 6th Avenue, 8th Avenue and Lexington Avenue.

Operation of the new No. 7 metro began in autumn 2015, before the first Hudson Yards facility was opened. The Hudson Yards is the epicentre of Manhattan's New West Side. Surrounded by the Hudson River, Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen and Midtown, this area is a boom area. The Hudson Yards will draw and serve this pulsating, state-of-the-art group.

Opened in 2014, the High Line winds up Hudson Yards, then turns towards Hudson River on West Thirtieth Street and culminates on Twelfth Avenue and West Threephase. To turn one of Manhattan's last remaining vacant areas, the town and state have made large investment in public transport, new public spaces and culture and leisure amenities right next to Hudson Yards.

Subsequent government investment has already led to fast local growth and will have a particularly positive effect on Hudson Yards in the epicentre. The Hudson Yards Redzoning and Deployment Programme has added a new stop on 11th Avenue and 11th Street to subway line 7 on Times Square, just to the east and east of its old stop.

Renovating Moynihan and building a new railway yard at today's Farley Post will expand Penn Base westwards to Avenue 9. Aim of the projekt is to reduce the congested Penn Stations by giving the passenger easy acces to the Amtrak, New Jersey Transit and Long Island Railroad compared to the MSG/Penn Stations area.

Javits Center has recently finished a refurbishment to a state-of-the-art facility that will draw more people to New York City and further revitalize the western side of Manhattan. The High Line on its third and last section, which winds around Hudson Yards and extends the grounds to the north end of Lincoln Street and East Street, crashed on September 20, 2012.

The Hudson River is a five-mile stretch from Clinton Cove on West 55th Street and the West Side Highway to Riverside South. Featuring thirteen restored jetties and a dozen scenic acre areas, which offer both a quiet break and a variety of recreational activities, it is hard to envision the New West Side without this stunning parkland.

The Hudson Parc & Boulevard is a key feature of the new Hudson Yards city. A four-hectare tree-lined parkland and open spaces will stretch from East Street No. 3rd to East Street No. 39nd and finally to East 42nd Street. There are two entrance points to the new subway stop no. 7.

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