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Receive directions, maps and traffic for West New York, NJ. New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, New York State, United States. West New York, Hudson County, New Jersey, United States and West New York travel guide. To find the best hotels near NYC, use these exclusive maps and tables. Now all our North Jersey maps are on a single map!

West-New York, NJ - West-New York, New Jersey Map & How to find us

West-New York is a city in Hudson County, New Jersey, USA, on the New Jersey Palisades. At the time of the 2010 U.S. Federal Census, the number of inhabitants was 49,708. Western New York is available at 40°47?W? 74°00?N?W / 40.788400°N 74.013090°W / 40.788400; -74.013090 (40.788400, -74.013090). The United States Census Bureau states that the city has a surface area of 1.3 sq. km (3.4 km2), of which 1.0 sq. km (2.6 km2) is owned by the city and 0.3 sq. km (0.8 km2) by the city.

Postcode for Western New York is 07093. Western New York is part of the New York area and is located in the heartland of the Hudson, New Jersey area. Western New York borders Guttenberg to the N, the Hudson River to the E, Union City and Weehawken to the S, and Mountains to the W..

West-New York is one of North Hudson's municipalities on the Hudson Palisades and is home to the highest point of the shire. His Hudson is known as Bulls Ferry since pre-revolutionary time. The Bergenline Avenue is the central shopping street, while the broad, two-sided street is an important crossroad and houses the city hall.

Over half of U.S. residents have roads with their names in the city.

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While anchoring his vessel in what is now New York Harbor, his incursion into this new realm would forever transform the traditional home of the Delaware Indians. By 1609 Henry Hudson was sailing up his current cousin named Rivers and claimed New Jersey (and New York) for the Dutch.

1664 an unsolicited Anglo-Saxon navy set sail for the port of New York. It is a new England settlement called after the Isle of Jersey and was finally split into two states. East Jersey (controlled by the Puritans) and West Jersey (ruled by the Quakers) were as different as the days and nights, merged into one unit in 1702.

Finally, these very strict regulations were considered inacceptable and in 1776 New Jersey asserted its autonomy. As the thirteen settlements fought for their liberty, Britain and America's troops traversed New Jersey many a time and several decisive fights took place. New Jersey is henceforth called the" intersection of revolution".

By the end of the conflict, New Jersey was the third state to have ratified the new US Constitution and the first to do so. Trenton became the capitol in 1790. During the early 1800's New Jersey leapt into commercial importance as an important centre of industry.

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