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Send your submission by e-mail to To submit a contribution (fiction, poetry, humour) or if you have questions about previous editions and approvals, please visit our contact page. What do you think about simultaneous submissions? Conde Nast publishes the weekly magazine.

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Submitting your history to the New Yorker

New Yorker was established in 1925 by Harold Ross. At the day-to-day gatherings of the famed Algonquin Round Table, of which he was a founding member, Ross burnished his literature-cutlets. In the early years of the magazine, the ingenious Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley were also members of this legendary film.

It has a serious poetic character. During the entire twentieth decade, the publication of her works in The New Yorker was an important landmark, and the magazine remains one of the most revered distributors of feature film. It has made such acclaimed authors as John O'Hara, John Cheever, John Updike, F. Scott Fitzgerald visible and contributed to theircareer.

The New Yorker (led by David Remnick) has grown to over 1,240,000 magazine subscribers, despite the general decrease in magazine subscribers since the publication of the publication. Although The New Yorker has added more than his portion of the story shorts to the literature canons, that doesn't mean that everything he publish is considered upright.

It also has a chance of seeing some fairly original authors like George Saunders and Haruki Murakami. When you have never released anything before, the chance is very, very small that they will be released depending on the available seats. New Yorker releases only one history per edition (one edition per year for new fiction), and it is likely that almost every aspiring US author will try to get to New York sometime.

And while the New Yorker is taking opportunities for new authors, he tends to scoop from his barn of incumbent authors like Munro and Murakami. So if you are one of the young authors the magazine gets involved with, if your work is taken on, then your carreer is done, so it's a good one.

Please use the magazine's on-line application to attach your history as a PDF file. Please address your entry by e-mail to Transmit one message after another and allow yourself three month to answer. Contributions can also be sent by post to Fiction Editor, The New Yorker, 1 World Trade Center, New York, N.Y. 10007.

The magazine only informs you if you are interested in it. You should expect that your history has not been approved if you have not received it within three hearsings.

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