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The New York Magazine food edition

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NYmagazine introduces extensive vegan encyclopedia for omnivores

The New York Magazine food diary Grub Street has released a complete omnivorous encyclopaedia for vegans. From A to V: The encyclopedia of vegetarian food declares vegetable concepts, among them food breaks, iconic labels, chocolate sandwiches and food technology. The encyclopaedia'to navigationating an increasingly plant-based world' compiled by Robin Raisfeld and Rob Patronite contains concepts such as acquafaba, Impossible Burger, Gary and the Happy Cat.

This guidebook - number one of the most popular stories on the website - can also be found in the latest issue of New York Magazine. However, the authors also cautioned against a misunderstanding of vegetarianism by stressing that vegetarianism is not synonymous with a healthy diet. "It seems that many ethically -minded vegetarians are satisfied with highly-processed faksimiles of meats, chickens and seafood formed from hydrolysed egg white or corn gluten, often fritted and served with a bunch of French fries."

The lighthearted leader explains: "It's difficult to say what has made more of a gastronomic effect: man's harness of fire or the detection of vegans that tinned chickpeas turn into a compound similar to egg that has revolutionised everything from maringues to mayonnaise.

Encyclopedia of Vegan Nutrition - New York Mag

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