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Digital edition of New York Magazine

Barbara Kruger's artwork for New York magazine. by New York Media LLC. This magazine shows in words and pictures the lifestyle of active people living, working, shopping and playing in Orange County, New York. Every issue of New York contains the following popular sections: The first outdoor magazine in the state of New York - brings nature to your home!

Digitale Issues

Each and every tale, each and every one, everything in the printed magazine and more, every Monday. Retrieve the complete content of the magazine with multi-media features on selected mobiles and tablets. It is available at no additional cost for digital and all users. - The output is available as a PDF copy with text overlays.

All in the magazine, and more than fifteen inventive tales a daily. Can be downloaded for handheld from the App Store or Google Play. Can be downloaded for handheld from the App Store or Google Play. Complimentary for digital and all account holders.

New York Times Magazine

This lawsuit, lodged on the name of the separate family at the frontier, was only the latest lawsuit brought by the Citizens' Rights Group against the state. Who' s afraid of the big bad wolves researcher? He then ran into conflict with the wolf's foes. As a restless Florida teen from the "Dr. Phil" show came to a big lable transaction as a Rapper.

How much do I have to pay my sociopathic siblings? An ethical journalist, what a brother or sister with a crime past deserves, what to tell a potential spouse about a serious disease and much more.

Subscription to New York Magazine Digital

It is a digital Zinio digital subscriber that delivers digital content directly to your mailbox - you can directly connect to it through your web browsers or by downloading the Zinio application to your portable devices. Definition of the messages, cultures, fashions, foods and celebrities that propel New York. A NEW YORKER VIEW OF THE WORLD OF POLITICS, EATING, FASHION.

New York uses forceful coverage and ambitious designs to record the individuals and happenings that characterize the cities that characterize the rest of the underworld. Being the first to tell us what you think about New York Magazine will help you make your next ?2.50!

mag+ develops New York Magazine iPad App

The advent of iPhone apps has been instrumental in helping New York Magazine produce its new breathtaking digital edition. NYC has incorporated the best of the web and its printed magazine to offer the reader an innovative iPhone application. The New York Magazine used the mag+ SDK for the iPhone application. The application contains the complete printed version with current reports from

In addition, the reader can get the big story of the days of Daily Intelligencer, Vulture, Grub Street and The Cut as well as the digital magazine revamped to take full benefit of iPad application design.

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