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Search our selection of chandeliers and other lights at Light fixtures, bathroom lights, exterior wall lights and landscape lights. View reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best lights in Chinatown, NY.

Launch your residential, restaurant or corporate interior design project with our concept-based, individual lighting designs and unique luminaires. The GLP LED is a premium supplier of LED luminaires for commercial and private lighting purposes in New York (NY) and New York City (NYC).

Lighting with LEDs

There are 30 working nights to determine whether you have chosen the right device. Each device is refunded if it meets our returns conditions. For reusable goods designated as "Free Restock" we do not calculate a re-storage rate. There is no VAT for all items except those delivered to NY and CA.

Lights in New York

Luminaires cover the full spectrum of residential, business, and incandescent luminaires, indoor and outdoor, from candelabra and wall luminaires to movement detectors, LEDs and energy-saving lamps, some specialising in lighting for stages and studios, architecture and art, as well as lighting for medicine and science.

Also see bulbs and bulbs. Exterior lighting shop with a wide range of exterior lighting accessories such as landscaping and handhelds. First class show room for high-quality luminaires from the world's major lighting suppliers at East East 59th St. and 2nd Ave. Vanguard europe's light fittings and bulbs. You go directly to the lighting.

Lighting fixtures and wiring, new cladding, conversion and renovation, Chandelier, wall lights, antique lights, reproduction, special designs, interiors, exteriors, shades, reparations, etc.

Welcome to the leading lighting fixture industry resource in New York - Upstate.

Welcome to the leading lighting fixture industry resource in New York - Upstate. They provide a wide assortment of lighting fixtures and a wide array of related goods and related service. Lighting distributors. Lighting fixtures for industry and commerce comprise neon lights, ornamental lights, downlights, power rails and backlight.

The luminaires are available for interior and exterior use, include aisles, corridors, industry, offices, living areas, shops, washrooms, sports clubs, streets, facades and paths. Suppliers of a broad variety of lighting slats, incl. acryl prisms, P-12, diamonds, blank, black, silvery & golden boxes & Parabolo. Lighting distributors.

Canopies, road lights and LEDs belong to the series. Processing, industry, furnace, boilers, thermal processing, trade, municipal, HVAC, waste water processing, plastics, glas, electricity production, foods, dairy and biopharmaceutical industry. Made-to-measure manufacturers of metal-spun antiquities, bulbs such as coloured lamps. Luminaires in diameters from 0.25 to 94 inches & in various dimensions.

Our service includes CNC stamping and plate processing. Customized rollformed luminaire manufacturers. The lamps are available in unpainted, lacquered and coated versions. 2-part 3 1/4 inch installer & 4 1/2 inch dia. bracket brackets are also available. The lamps are also available in clear, monochrome and aluminium.

Rolled profiling capability includes repeated inline machining, sophisticated profiles that specialize in easy trimming and maintaining an 11 g to 0.005 tolerances. Rollformed luminaires are available in raw, pre-painted and pre-coated material. Manufacturers and distributors of equipment inclusive lighting fixtures in 48 inch size for 60 inch & 72 inch workstation.

Manufacturers and distributors of industrial luminaires for rough and dangerous use. Floodlights are available. It is available at working temperatures from -40 to 65 degree Celsius. For generating full-color, crackle and bright whites. Lighting distributors and other electric power supplies such as cables, wire, fixtures and sockets.

Further prod-ucts are engines, electric and engine control units as well as distributor-plants. Our secundary service includes product development, CAD drawing, consulting engineers, applications consulting, tech and education. The supplied industry sectors are aggregates, cellulose and papers, grocery and beverages industry, OEM, wastewater handling, sludge pumping system, tooling machines, HVAC, communal, automobile, chemical industry and pharmaceuticals, industry conveying system, mobile aggregates shredding and energy control. wwww.aainy. com/lighting-solution-accessories....

Producer of lighting fixtures for sport, leisure, trade and industry. The product range includes solid-state electronic, optical, plug-and-play, lighting, inspection system, holders, holders, target devices, connector and holder. Customer-specific lighting fixture manufacturers. ADA-compliant lamps, ADA table lamps, bathroom lamps, pool lamps, roof fixtures, candelabra, outdoor lamps, outdoor walls, lobby lamps, pendant lamps, pots stands and uplights.

An ISO 9002 certificated lighting fixture supplier. Styles includes posting lighting fixtures, custom lighting applications fixtures, straight line fluorescent lamps, decorative ceilings lighting fixtures & exterior lighting fixtures. For example, special luminaires are e.g. guards & globes with grub screws, clear polycarbonate/blue/ruby glass. Neon lamps are equipped with side/ceiling bracket, wire protector, tapered prism lenses, reflector and refractor.

Ornamental luminaires in stainless steal and clear tempered safety glasses. Customer-specific producer of processed parts and components. The range of products and solutions includes routing, turning, folding, turning, CNC processing, manufacturing, pressure casting, diecasting, stamping, MIG and TIG bonding. Made-to-measure aluminium luminaire manufacturers. The properties of the luminaires are grease-proof, watertight and heat-resistant.

The luminaires are available with protective grilles and hardened spheres. Awning luminaires are suited for use in industrial kitchen canopies. Manufacturers of graveyard, house and yard equipment. Graveyard commodities are equipment crank handles, chocolate mats, find sensors, lawn kits, loose marker, security chain, lawn lifts, belts, pots, snails, commemorative marker, lighting fixtures and litter bins.

House and home accessories such as sacking, grids, treecare agents, wood posts, brush and shrubs sheaths and carpets for outdoors. Customer -specific producer of porch lights for commercially available canopies. The fittings are characterised by fat, moisture and temperature stability. The luminaires are available with a thermally and shock-resistant, hardened ball of crystal and a layer of a tufface.

Areas of application are among others can be found in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, residential establishments, care facilities and clean rooms. Manufacturers of electric accessories. The product range includes current supply and control units, heat exchangers, contactor, drives, relais, control units, starter, terminals, circuit-breaker, control panels, switch panels, switchgear and disconnectors. Further HVAC components can be found in transformer, pushbutton, load centre, energy column and energy system build. Supported industries range from petroleum and natural gas, industry, retail, health care, datacenter, telecommunications and mines.

We are a distribution company for commercially available LEDs. The range of lighting solutions includes surface, bollards, porch, Cobra, downlights, floodlights, garages, high-bay, low-bay, car park, mast, mullion, ceiling, road and ceiling luminaires and lighting control systems. Producer & Designers of helicopter lights. Luminaire specification includes -67°C to plus 131°C working temp, 150 miles/hour weather resistance & 360 °C LEDs & visualisation.

The luminaires are impact and anti-vibratory and are available with meteorologically and corrosion-resistant bulb construction and casing, separate terminal box and individual or double-use. Customer-specific producer of industry lights and accessories. Capable of handling any type of projects with a broad spectrum of technical support ranging from designing & prototype to mass manufacturing.

Our production is made according to customer specification in any kind of metallic materials in plate shape. Our own streamlined production capacity includes R&D, CAD/CAM, CNC machining, all kinds of plate processing incl. arc and cut weld, roll and shape, hot runner installations, rivet and finish.

Planner and plumber of renewable energies and related plant and machinery for trade, industry, government, municipalities, parking and leisure, education, transport and retailing. The company's product range includes off-grid and off-grid photovoltaic electricity supply units, photovoltaic electricity generators, floodlighting vehicles with LEDs, solar-powered lighting on poles, solar-powered lighting on wooden poles and solar-powered lighting on coaches.

Distributors of personnel protective and fire-extinguishing equipments. The product range includes fans, ergonomics, eye and face protectors, guardrails, fire extinguishers and extinguishers, first aids, feet, hand as well as heads guards, instruments, lighting and shields. New and used surpluses distributors. Starter, switchgear, power switches, emergency luminaires, screwed pipe connections, cable and coach cables.

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