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Acquire a new skill and find a new hobby. Two large indoor shopping centres are located at the southern tip of Manhattan. 19/activities in New York on a rainy, snowy or bitterly cold day

People say New York City has it all. We have a wealth of ways to take full use of New York's cultural, recreational and eating opportunities while remaining sober on a wet or snow-covered night - or remaining cold during the heats. The NYC has some of the best shops in the game. Fortunately, there is a great deal to do throughout the city in large, arid and convenient places.

Chelsea Piers Golf Club has a multi-storey, year-round golf course with 52 pitch boxes with heating and protection from the weathers. Aside from the golf club, Chelsea Piers provides a wide array of drop-in activities that do not involve members - ice-skating and bowl under them. Going to the movies in New York City is also different from most other towns.

Theatres such as Angelika Film Center and Landmark Sunshine Cinema, for example, show the kind of non-mainstream fares (documentaries, overseas movies and the like) that you hardly find in a traditional cinema complex. Same with the cinema at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The Paley Center is the place for you if you are interested in TV, radios, the web and other forms of technology and their social and cultural spin-off.

As well as a community archive with more than 160,000 TV and television programmes and advertising spots, the Centre offers on occasion shows of classical stories and movies that often focus on specific themes - legends, presidency advertising or the 100th anniversary of Orson Welles. Nocturnal New York City isn't just about lounge and dancing venues - there are many places that offer lots of entertainment and play along with a vibrant sound track and some drinks for adults.

The Brooklyn Bowl, in Williamsburg, is exhibition A. Bowlingbahn offers Blue Ribbon meals and even local and tour repertoire (Guns N' Roses and Robert Plant have even performed there; Qestlove, the roles of Jimmy Fallon, Deejays' regular The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night).

Dow in Brooklyn's Gowanus neighbourhood, Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club fits the favourite Love Boat Cruisegoer match with exotic Caribbean drinks, revolving edible vehicles and an casual pop-up dining area. The other places where you can find lots of entertainment, play and drink offerings are Barcade, a place with classical circus arcades located in Brooklyn and Manhattan; Spin, a sometimes rough ping-pong night club; and the Skee-ball-obsessed Full Circle also.

They say you can see the whole New York City underground for the fare. You can find a number of restaurants along the 7, or you can go to the New Mall Fashion Mall just a few minutes walk from the end of the line in Queens (Flushing-Main Street).

Featuring more than two tens of Asiatic eating stands to chose from, it can be different from any shopping centre you know. At the weekend the visitors centre is usually open for walks, but there are no walks. OK, so it's not necessarily indoor-indoor, but you can get away from the weather for a while below deck on Staten Island Ferry.

Walk through the Grand Central, one of New York City's landmarks. On the lower floor there are several catering facilities, among them the classical Oyster Bar with its lovely Guastavino brick├Żarchitecture. You know, there's a big place in Radio City. The Rockefellers with Samuel "Roxy" Rothafe's performances at Radio City were so satisfied that they gave him his own place to be.

There are 10 more things we heard about Radio City on the Stage Door Group. It is famous for its high-rises, but its smaller historical buildings provide an excellent backdrop to a wealth yesteryear' s culture. Conserved in Bucolian surroundings in city parklands and situated in all five districts, the buildings feature magnificent architectural styles, beautiful backyards, functioning farmhouses and an impressive view.

Get a literary work, journal, paper, tray, telephone, or phallet and view it in one of the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building's magnificent New York Library stately lecture halls (the one with the lions). Some of the indoor rink facilities at the Marine Park and the City Pavilion in Long Island City are open all year round.

The State Park River Bank and Prospect Park's Lefrak Center on Lakeside have indoor rink facilities that provide indoor and outdoor iceskating in winters (and roller-skating in summers). See our full listing for other sites. Cheap daily tickets are available in Manhattan at Steep Rock Bouldering and Chelsea Piers and in Queens at The Cliffs at LIC.

Brooklyn offers beginners' courses at Brooklyn Boulders on most outings. Some of NYC's top sites to do just that. Attend an education course in Brooklyn Brainery or QED Astoria. In the Textile Arts Center you can study weaving, knitting or crocheting. There you have it: a fool-proof schedule of activities to make even the sad most difficult of times a pleasure.

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