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Presbyterian Hospital New York - Westchester - 13 photos and 17 reviews - Hospitals - 21 Bloomingdale Rd, White Plains, NY - Telephone number I and my two daughters came to the hospital just to be seen by a shrink and give her an anti-depressant. Next thing I know, our telephones are taken away and we're trapped (against our will) in the hospital evaluation department. We made a mistake and I have told the employees that we wish to reject the handling.

You didn't take any notice and kept us there for three long periods without let us go. When she was at last seen by a physician, she was informed that they were not prescribing medicine! The NY Presbyterian Westchester was my first hospital and it took me a whole weekend to get simple yoghurt. PATIENT, chaplains and trainees were great, but the personnel seldom came out unless someone tossed a desk.

I was violated confidentially, grievances were ignored, I was asked to call the manager, but is that my work? Smelling like urine in the bath, and I was said not to smell it. This is a danger because persons with a traumatized cot with schizophrenia and personnel distribute smoking warm teas to humans within a few moments of being released from the lab.

At first I remained in 2n, that was the youth department when I was admitted to the hospital. I' ve been misused in some way by my dad and I'm still grateful to the NYP Westchester for having sent me home. They tried to fire me in my second or third weeks in Westchester.

When I was set to a state I could not talk to other people, I had to be in hospital wearing peelings, and I was watched 24/7. while the other people were asleep in their beds. It also shocked the people that a person can be so badly cured.

I was about to be released the second one, but I had a big spiritual collapse in which I began to injure myself like mad. Everybody, from the personnel monitor to the nurse, knew every single thing I went through, even though I thought I had never told them any information about it.

I was embarrassed that every employee began to mistreat me, even the employees with whom I really had a close relationship. They then tried to release me for the third case, which was so bad that they had to get me out of the hospital.

If you are looking for spiritual attention, I strongly advise that you should not go to NYP Westchester. It' the most awful psych ward in the chain of hospitals in Presbyteria. Psychological health workers misuse and molest the patient they are expected to control every single time. Utilizing every kind of compulsion and double-tonguedness to get allegedly retarded people signing on arrival that they are responsible for high charges - they then perform a series of thought processes to get these people to remain as long as possible by switching from "involuntary" to "voluntary".

As you can see figures of races who play Tennis or relax in the ground in those videos, this is the fact that you are indeed very happy as a patients here if you can even go around the ground once with a monitoring mental-health workman after being shut in for days at the end.

But it' s also a show - good fortune in doing even the most basic diet changes, whether you try not to consume certain food for religion because you are hypersensitive because you are diabetic, or what.

Even more badly, to excuse the accounting, the personnel are fully educated to try and pathologise almost every act and wish of a patien. Psychiatric endorsement telephone number state legislation demands that in fact intentionally within the institution, presumably the coverage is only removable during the inspect.

Instead, the number of outpatients is forwarded directly to a voicemail request that is never responded to. On the whole, you will not be able to make or take long distances without having the personnel beg and write it down as an extra token of your illness. Its main priority is to administer some of the most powerful anti-psychotic drugs (Haldol, Adavan) to the patient and then release them once it appears to be in accordance and enough patience has passed to make a $$$$$$$ out of the business.

Don't put anyone you emotionally or worry about in an outpatient psychiatric clinic in New York. He' a medical doctor who doesn' t give a damn about his own patient. A sister said if I wept, I'd be staying longer. I' d much rather have been to St. Luke's, where the number of clients is smaller and the telephones are always open.

Said she was mad at me for being so upset. Immediately I felt the sympathy and concern of the receiving psychiatrist, Dr. Kehoe, and the nursing team. I would if I could give this hospital zero star. That was by far the most horrible hospital practice I've ever had. Personnel were unobservant, impolite, careless and almost insensible.

No one could tell us if the Nurse, Physician and Psychic Nurse (MHWs) took care of their patient. I haven't had a drug switch or therapy in four consecutive orgasms. First I was informed that 5 North was a force for those more in the "college-aged group.

" Then I was informed that the session is actually specifically for personalities. Eventually I was informed that it was a unity for a mixture of alumni and disorder. No one really knows what the measure for is because it seems to be just a mess of making a beds to make moneys.

It should be switched off and then (possibly) re-opened when the hospital has significantly more employees (who also have more appropriate certificates than the high school degree that can give you a job). North was so undermanned that when the psychiatric department employees carried out check-ups or "had the clipboard" and they clearly saw that someone was angry, they didn't even have a moment to ask them if they were okay.

If you have a sympathetic coworker. Nurses were unskilled and rather impolite. Usually when people came and rang the doorbell to get into the squad, they waited at least 15 min for someone to open the doors (usually 30 or 45 minutes) and the MHWs weren't thrilled with our "badger".

" Most of the employees trained medicine majors, so everything had to be passed on to more than one person to ensure that your essential needs were catered for. I was taken to the hospital for an antianxiety drug after I had specifically said that I had recovered from it.

Then it took three different meetings with my shrink until he had removed the drugs from my regime. A nonaddictive PRN drug was then given to me for fear, which I found very useful. This drug was not brought to my drugstore and now, after I had phoned the medical team, the kindergarten assistant said that there was nothing she could do for me.

Some of us were sitting down as clients and agreeing that we thought the employees didn't take any notice and were very impolite when we just started to get help and get our life back in order. Horrible hospital!! Psychiatric Director (Dr. Roth) has 4 psychiatric qualifications and a legal diploma, which must prove useful if he or someone on his team has to fight with misconduct, no doubts.

In some cases, I realize that it is necessary to keep a patient in a hospital against their Iranian will to keep them "safe", and a shrink must know the laws to carry out this job legit. This man is a frightful, frightened man who "treats" creatively by reassuring them that they are "delusional" and not particularly that they "will never be popular because everyone, especially young men, wants to be popular.

This psychiatrist and his associates did a 600-question evaluation and told the clients to come back with it when they were done. Then, when the client completes it with "cheek", the Dr. and his collaborators hand it in anyway, without thinking (Mental Health Medical collaborators and professionals should have minds, OH! and be compassionate!!!!!) no, they simply rely their treatments on this evaluative and pumping experiential medicines in clients, at this Horrorshow "Hospital"?

It is a place where drugs are pumped up in an experimental way and as soon as they think they have stabilised the individual, they are sending them out into the outside universe. When paying 50 k, you can be set to a single entity that is the" Concierge" one. Failure to do so will result in you being placed on the device for insured clients and the treatment will reflect the level of healthcare provided according to the financial cost.

Verify the rates of suicides of patients who have been through this hospital within a year. Thanks NYP Westchester, I am now a suicidal overcomer because of your shortage of proffesional care and LACQUER of sympathetic and sensitive employees who have been able to understand the needs of my beautiful gifted 21-year-old boy.

Now I know that there are places that are better than your concern to liken you, and every day my heartbreak still awakens from everything you are missing and everything we have been missing by unaware of these other places in the world. No one cares about the patient.

It' a swinging posture with selfish shrinks, a physician who's off the walls, and nursing people who don't know anything new. Some employees' behaviour is insignificant. Presbyterian New York - Weill Cornell College: The Adolescent inpatient unit, I concur with another patient's check below.

The NYPT Westchester Adolescent Mental Health is a general attitude of psychiatry that places process and responsibility above the needs of patients. PTSD, Dissociation, high fear and NYPT did everything possible to make their condition poorer by placing them on state and locating them and hindering them from attending college and group therapy. What did my youth suffer?

These are all the opposite of what the specialists suggest for traumatised people ( "they suggest a cooperative, respectful approach"). The NYPT has no expertise in the treatment of special diseases (e.g. multiple traumas, PTSD, dissociation) and no know how to care for them.

In fact, I asked a manly technician to observe my daugher in her room door at nights when I said she was traumatised by a man and tried to allocate women vendors. Making things even more difficult, when I tried to raise patients to take the drug by giving them advice on how to treat themselves and what they had heard from previous psychiatric caregivers, Maryann Kehoe, her sister, paid in retribution for passing on my and experts' expertise on the management of multiple traumas and PTSD, and blamed me for possibly having "Manchusen's-Syndrom!

"This is something that I have never been charged by a hospital or vendor and for which NYPT has no evidence, especially since my daughters were previously identified with these diseases! NYPT Patient Advocacy was not contacted when I asked to file a grievance against Ms. Kehoe.

Rather than listen to your children's children, NYPT will attack them, especially if they are committed to their children.

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