New York Historical Sites

Historical Sites in New York

The New York State contains a wealth of history with museums like The Met and Franklin D Roosevelt Library & Museum and sites like Susan B Anthony House. New York Landmarks Conservancy. The New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site. A tour of the architectural heritage of Warrensburgh New York. Municipal museums and historical sites (A-K).

Historical Sites & Museums in New York State

To learn much more about the state of New York's past, take our trail through the city! Canoe and quilt in the Great Camp Sagamore. Discover New York's contemporary side of our art and architecture center, the Capital-Saratoga region. Niagara Falls and Finger Lakes are full of adventures for the thrill-seeker, while those who want an outdoor event can go to culture centres such as the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown or the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum.

After all, no one can miss a journey to New York City, which on its own has aeons of historical importance. Being able to live years and hectares of New York State heritage, everyone is sure to find something they like.

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Constructed in 1799 and initially used as a coachman' s lodge, the museum has a long and interesting story. It was used as a rural resort from 1826 to 1833 - an opportunity for travellers to escape the dirty town and to savour the outdoors. You are welcome to visit the gardens on your own, free of cost, but please be aware that guided visits are only possible with a first-come, first-serve tour leader.

Follow in the tracks of the Tredwells as you enter the only New York home that still preserves the family's early 19 th cent. There is a two-bed room in front of the building with a large candelabra, a cellar-living room with a sinks that pump rainwater from an outside pool and a main bedroom with canopies.

There are also visits available, or you can take part in a visit when the open. The Woodlawn Cemetery was established as a New York Historical Monument in 2011 and offers you a great chance not only to find out about the country's past, but also to stand up and spread your feet.

Walk on your own or take a guide through the area. The Central Synagogue is the oldest New York Central Jews' temple, a jewel of a structure that is not overshadowed by the ascending high-rises in the area. It' a truly stunning edifice, both inside and out.

After a disastrous fire in 1998, the building was renovated in 2001. Constructed in the Moorish architectural design, the building has a main coloured windows with a view of the alley, an inner template in 69 colours, two gold plated bulldozers, and two large connected oranges.

It is still a place of prayer, but there are also guided visits for you. The Trinity with a view of Wall Street is another place of historical and spiritual importance. It has a long tradition that goes back to 1696, when the country was approved for a divine service room.

Two years later the first divine ceremony took place. Throughout the Revolutionary Wars, the cathedral was on the British side, but the edifice was burned down during the Wars. Another was constructed in 1790, but crumbled less than fifty years later. Today's ecclesiastical complex was constructed in 1846 and since then has offered programmes for the starving, young people, the elderly, infants, the mentally ill and many other people in need in the town and around the globe.

Eberhart is currently studying Fine Arts/Museum at City College in New York.

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