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Visit the exhibits and installations in the New York Historical Society Museum and be enchanted by over four centuries of New York's rich history. New York Historical Society Museum and Library offers visitors a unique experience of New York's history and art. The New York State contains a wealth of history with museums like The Met and Franklin D Roosevelt Library & Museum and sights like Susan B Anthony House.

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Our New York Story and We would like to inform you that our movies "New York Story" and "We Rise" will not be shown next weekend, from August 21 to 24.

New York Historical Society | Manhattan, NY

All you need to know about the New York Historical Society (170 Central Park West, NY 10024). Lovers of the Upper West Side Institutions will adore it. Constructed in 1804, it is the oldest museum in New York city. Nodding to the story, the museum held the dash in its name - so the name of the town was written in the early 1800s.

New York Historical Society offers more than 1.6 million works that investigate the town' s and country's past, among them exhibitions, arts and historical artefacts. Gilder Lehrman Collection is also located in the New York Historical Society, where you can see autographed versions of the emancipation proclamation, the Thirteenth Amendment and the Constitution.

When the whole story makes you hunger or thirsty, you can have lunches or dinners at Storico, an Italian starr-restorant, or have a coffee at the Parliament Espresso and Coffee Bar. Recently, the museum opened the Henry Luce III Centre on the 4th storey, which houses a new centre for women's story and a bright galery with 100 wonderful Tiffany lakes.

Brings the kidsThe DiMenna Children's History Museum is for kids aged 8 to 13 years and offers 350 years of New York and US historical information through online exhibitions and dititit... Some of the objects show New Yorkers' kids who were living in the town from the end of the seventeenth to the twentieth century, among them Alexander Hamilton.

Free entrance for under 4 year olds, while $6 is paid for under 5-13 year olds. New York's editors continuously update and review the best rides, events and locations around the world so you always have the best of New York at your fingertips. New York is a great place to start.

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