New York Fairgrounds

The New York Exhibition Grounds

New York State Fair. La grande foire de l'√Čtat de New York, Syracuse, NY. Exhibition Center in Syracuse, New York. To win an iPad by the New York State Department of Labor, read below!

Building of the new exhibition grounds proceeding according to plan (video)

This year the New York State Fair will unveil the first three-day Latino village from Friday, August 24 to Sunday, August 26. Together with the Pan-African town and the villages of the Iroquois (or six nations), the new complex will be a lighthouse for a vibrant, multifaceted Central New York area.

New York State Fair's very first Latin Village, Elisa is happy to be celebrating and sharing Latin Civilization. It has no infancy reminiscences of visitors who eat pasta (similar to tamales), Empanada or raw raisins and coffee-bean, but this year the scent of Latin American cooking will envelop the atmosphere and the fellowship will be able to enjoy and buy the appetising cuisines.

"It' my Latin root, my Latin thoroughbred that flows through me, my Latin mind that flows through the world... there is something for everyone to know. "The three days long town will be made up of a multitude of Latin musicians, dancers, DJ' s, a Q&A TV personality, a talentshow and a multitude of grocery sales.

Latino Village was the idea of Morales, Acting Director Troy Waffner and Head of Public Relations Dave Bullard, who worked with outstanding effort to set up the three Latino Celebtions. In the past year, "La Feria in the Fair" in cooperation with the CNY Latino magazine presented and acclaimed Spanish cultural events in the New York Experience Area at the west end of the exhibition grounds.

This is a crucial factor and "we are continuing to work towards our aim of a trade show that will represent the best of New York State," Waffner said. The night will be led by Grupo Karis, a well-known Puerto Rican band called the merengues. Saturday 25th August's climax is the Latin Rality Star Show, featuring three well-known Latin Rality stars: Victor Arroyo from "Big Brother", Oscar ?Ozzy? Sebastian Torres from "Survivor" and Bekah Martinez from the fifth series of " The Bachelor ".

Sabor Latino Youth Talent Show & Mascot Dance-off offers a stage for all who want to chant, dances and gig. The New York City-based Latino soap opera company Fulaso will also be performing on Sunday. "It was one of the things I wanted to achieve with this venture to party and present the Latino mind as resilient," said Morales.

"So I wanted to show the beauties of our civilization, so I wanted them to see it and learn through our eating and our playing. "There will also be a large number of grocers during the three-day party. Located in Geneva, El Morro, a near Geneva-based Spanish Ristorante, will be serving a range of Latin American dishes, from the Empanada to the trippletas (triple flesh sandwich).

Latino Village will be signposted with a large leafy ballon at the western end of the exhibition grounds. "It' a week-end party of our civilization. Our people's sophistication is simply astonishing, and all visitors to the fair will have a truly one-of-a-kind moment of the year.

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