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These dolls made Gary Glitter look presentable. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions from last weekend have inspired me. The New York Dolls articles and media. It was Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls, Heartbreakers) Biopic Annonce. par : After another year, a record company dared to sign it and push the New York Dolls into an essentially uninterested world.

Punk Story - New York Dolls

These dolls made Gary Glitter look like a present. Those dolls were monstrous. Like so many US acts, we took them to our hearts when they played at Wembley Stadium with The Faces and in the Old Grey Whistle Test program.

Uncertainty: New York Dolls Punks

I was very impressed by the Hall of Fame induction last week. The prizewinners included Green Day, a relatively contemporary mirror image of a funk rocking group in which the three play brief, quick, loud tunes that are immediately humming and only insult those who still turn red when they hear the F-word.

The New York Dolls. The 1973 self-titled d├ębut of this volume was Punkrock before the concept was born. This derogatory four-piece was playing offensive, provocative metal that, at a heightened publicity at a height when Polish-style bands like Pink Floyd and Steely Dan were in vogue.

Talking of fashions, the New York Dolls favoured an androgyne look - big head of hairdryer, make-up, sneakers. It was a group of people who refuse to fit in and were certainly not involved in the idea of merchandising. Now, listening to the dolls, you are hearing the real ghost of rock'n' roll bursting through your loudspeakers - David Johansen's cheeky vocals, Johnny Thunders' ruthless guitars, a beat group that drove the beat ever heavier, ever-fast.

One hears the pleasure of the sound, one hears what makes skirt great. In the end, this emotion, this spirit becomes a nice sound. Most of the recognition for starting the 1977 pop rocking revolu-tion goes to the Sex Pistols.

New York Dolls delivered the original four years before, but with more grins than mockery. In one of these years, Rock Hall might re-discover this group.

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