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at the forefront of the global tourism industry. The figure is based on data from the US Department of Commerce. New York Tourism Commissioner's office. New York B├╝ro. Albany University, Department of Women's Studies.

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Most state tourist boards have the task of promoting holidays for the country's inhabitants and tourists and contributing to the country's economic development by providing support for the state tourism industries. Only a few tourist bureaus also administer state farms. Governmental tourism agents and their web sites can offer this:

You can also find movie bureaus that promote filming in state cinemas.

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New York State Hospitals & Tourism Association is growing in all areas, from law enforcement ceremonies, informative annual conferences, high caliber hospitals and community-based educational programmes. All of the employees of 1 Computer Drive South in Albany work hard for our member interests. If you have any remarks or questions, please call one of our employees at (800) 642-5313 or send an e-mail directly to the following adress.

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The" I Lovely New York" advertising was launched when many were not in the right frame of mind. By 1977, New York was almost broke. The firms were in a hurry to get out of town. Sam's son, David R. Berkowitz, had killed six men in a series of murders that terrorised the town.

NYC, for all its creativity, was known above all for its crimes, filth and apathy. There was nothing known about New York State. Only a few holidaymakers regarded New York as an idyllic city. Some of the youthfulness comes from "I Love New York", the hugely effective advertising and promotion effort that has turned a fluctuating nationwide tourism sector into one envired by towns, states and nations around the globe.

The" Iove New York " was a phenomenon when it was founded," said Douglas C. Frechtling, Managing Director of the U.S. Travel Data Center. It was the first that a memorable set of bucks was supported. Tourism alightly is New York State's second biggest economy, next to farming, and generates issues of $14. 4 billion in 1985, up from $5. 5 billion in 1976.

The contest has compelled the state to improve its campaigns and seek new niche markets. This past summers, state officers complemented the "Iove New York " initiative with the "New York State of Mind" initiative, which invited the Statue of Liberty celebrants to the inland. Throughout the year, touching to take full leap of the low-cost U.S. dollars and New York's port position, state tourism officials are focusing on recruiting oversee travellers.

The" I Lovely New York" advertising campaigns have persuaded town and state authorities that the tourism effort is worthwhile. Tourism is one of the few expenses of the United States Tourism Administration that makes money," said Robert E. Whitley, chairman of the United States Tour Operators Association, a group. The state of New York had recieved $780 million in revenue from taxes tied to tourism from 1977 to 1985, investing only $74. 1 million.

Mr Marquardt said Rochesters endeavours were the latest incident in the struggle of towns in the hinterland to gain the congregation and tourism bucks. Simultaneously, New York City has seen a fuss of hotelbuilding that did not occur during the 15-year epoch prior to the ad, according to Craig B. Wakefield, Tourism Marketer for the New York State Department of Commerce.

Naturally, the revival of the north-eastern economies has given the initiative a boost. However, Mr. Wakefield said: "The New York tourist industry has been growing 20 per cent more rapidly than the state overall budget. It''s not surprising that several state officers take home the laurels for "Iove New York". One of the people who certainly had a role to play was William S. Doyle, who was commissioned by John S. Dyson, then State Commerce Commissioner, to promote the state' s commercial developments.

Mr Doyle says the inspirations for trying to sale tourism came at a lunch where the Union Carbide Corporation declared that it was relocating its head offices to Danbury, Conn., "They said they left New York because they could get nobody to attend, let alone work here," Mr Doyle said in a recent Interview.

It suddenly halted all state tourism expenditure and thus financed a research programme. Simultaneously, the State Commerce Department recruited an advertising firm, Wells, Rich, Greene Inc. They started with a longer commercial - "I Life in New Hampshire, but I Love New York" - and then just became "I Love New York".

'' Imagining a soul that represents the term "love" quickly became widespread and a universally accepted icon. The number of T-shirts, cups, car sticker and knobs has increased and they say everything from "I like Soweto " to "I like my dog". It has a genealogy, and that's what New York is. There are feelings in New York.

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