New York County Recorder

County Recorder New York

CRIS Automated City Registry Information System (ACRIS) allows you to find real estate logs and display Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn documentation from 1966 to the present. Now, City Registry will accept all captured electronic with ACRIS. The State of New York requests that every registrant registers with the registry in order to be able to take part.

In order to file all captured records in electronic form, you must already be signed up to use ACRIS and enter into a registration agreement for registering and registering for the eRecording application. or commercial interests therein, to or from housing fund companies or companies in which a housing fund company holds a majority interest (collectively referred to as "HDFC Transfer"), pursuant to Section 11-2106(b)(9) of the New York City Administration Code (the "HDFC Exemption").

More information on applying for a new immovable estate agent immunity for the assignment of immovable properties with certain reasonable residential restraints can be found here. If a flip transaction (a move from partner A to partner A, then partner A to partner C) is involved: Fill in two distinct eTax transaction fields in two distinct eTaxes.

The handover to the proprietor (from side C to side B) must be submitted on the second title page. ACRIS ís "Search addresses and packages and create tax forms / create coversheets " may not be available in the following periods due to system maintenance: Because of system service, ACRIS ePayment may not be available at the following times:

Please note: The built-in Firefox PDF Explorer has some known problems with displaying static PDFs. In order for filled form (e.g. control forms) to be displayed properly, please make sure that Firefox is set up to use Adobe Reader. ACRISasap nor is a New York City Department of Finance authorized website or services.

Further information on land transfer tax (RPTT) can be found here. Please call the ACRIS Help Line at (212) 487-6300 or send an e-mail to the ACRIS Help Desk. Please consult the Land Records department. Historic index information is also available for downlaod on demand from the city register.

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