New York City what to see

What to see in New York City

Are you looking for opportunities in New York City? They are an easy and comfortable way to see the city. The majority of people who visit NYC think that Manhattan is the only place you can see. There's always something new to see and explore in New York City, whether it's your first visit or your annual trip. New York City's sights, smells, sounds and even aromas are part of the street.

The best free things to do in NYC from falls to the attractions

is New York the biggest place in the worid (yes, we are biased), but sacred bitch, is it costly? Luckily for us, the city has a first-class listing of free activities (and free attractions), because it' s important to find the right workman! Watching Broadway shows or eating in one of the hottest places in town costs a nice nickel, but you can choose legitimate, chilly things in New York without paying a dime.

Well, what's this? In this yearly broadway and off Broadway season, performers delight the audience with songs and dances. Well, what's this? Well, what's this? Well, what's this? Bringing big-name artists from the fields of skirt, indie, hiphop, jazz and more to the venues of the five counties' parklands.

Come there early to get a free seat near the artist. Warm New York air means warm gigs with top musicians. Well, what's this? A yearly international celebration, this theatre offers outstanding performances of the classical pieces of the Minstrel in Central Park in the open air of the Delacorte Theatre. Well, what's this?

Prospect Park Bandshell becomes one of the best gigs in the city with this seasonal programme during the year. Legends of socio-groups, all-star hip-hop performers and independent acts on the threshold to great mother tongue hit can be found in the big amphitheatre.

Well, what's this? Although the Brooklyn Museum of Arts always works with a contribution, the museum provides free entry and specific programs on the first Saturday night of the months. Participation in motion and artworkshops, walks around the galleries, film shows and livecast. Well, what's this?

Thursdays in July and August, you' ll be able to enjoy a picknick rug and snack in this river garden to showcase an exquisite blend of Hollywood classic gold ages, blockbuster actions, iconic comedy, and family-friendly animations. Although there is no lack of free open-air shows in Gotham, there are few who can pride themselves on such a good cast - or such a great setting as this one.

Well, what's this? Constructed on an old rubbish dump, the gardens today have gorgeous, luxuriant grassed areas with views of the East River and enjoy the call of a first-class open-air site for performers to perform site-specific miracles that use the countryside to educate their work. Well, what's this? The oldest free open-air dancing event in the city, Battery Dancing has been bringing astonishing New York and worldwide groups to the city centre every August since 1982.

The choreographer who specializes in Caribbean, South Asian, African and other world choreographic styles creates stunning performance in front of the port of New York. For an entire week of participative arts. The visitor becomes part of the creation as the artist encourages the viewer to participate in the work by either making a large contribution or interfering with the work.

The minigolf course, created annually by artists, and the City of Dreams Pavilion, an event in which designers must design an environment and atmosphere conducive installations.

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