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For a Mini-Guide for New York City, including weather, prices and tips on when to visit us and what you can do here, click here. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City (Credit: Amanda Hall/robertharding/. Manhattan, USA (Credit: Credit: Overflightstock. Take a summer break overseas in cosmopolitan New York City, USA! Discover NYC with guided New York bus tours.

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Known as the Big Apple, New York is a vibrant centre for music, cultural, dining, fashion, arts, research, financial and commercial. The impact of this town on the planet and all its people is difficult to exaggerate, as choices made within its borders often have effects and implications for the whole planet.

In the centre and on the westerly border of New York City lies Manhattan, a long, small isle in a pristine harbour. It' s divided from the Bronx in the northeast by the Harlem River (actually a Tide Road), from Queens and Brooklyn in the east and southwards by the Eastern River (also a Tide Road) and from the state of New Jersey in the east and up north by the Hudson River.

Situated in the southwest, above Upper New York Bay. The city can be susceptible to blizzards and north-easter (large winds similar to a tropic storm), which can release up to 60 cm of ice in 24-48 h. The weather conditions in New York can be severe. New York City can also be affected by tropic winds in early autumn and early in the year.

The town is home to a million migrants. Gradual migratory flows from almost every country in the hemisphere make New York a huge intercultural experience in intercultural equilibrium. Had it been a country, the town would have the sixteenth highest GNP in the state.

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